Acharya Shri  Padmadeo Suri of Anchal-ge at arrived in the city of Loladia in V.1008. At that time the Acharya enlightened Rathor King Veersingh, and the king became Jain Oswal. In V.1484 family of settled inAmarkot, then they shifted to Ujjan, Bhinnal, Nagour, Merta and in the end Lalji settled in Padu Klla in V.1696.Lalji was a well-known person of this family. He built a Upasara at Achalgarh. Then this family named Anchalia. Hirde, wife of Anchalia Dedu burned her-self alive willingly on the funeral pyre of her husband out of her devotion for him. To commerate this event a tomb in Padu- Kala has been built. Every year a fare is arranged on the 2nd day of Migsar.

            Kuldevi of Anchalia is Devi Chankreshwari Every Aanchalia should offer a silver coin to the deity at the occasion of the birth of child, First removal of hair of the child, and at the time of marriage, with Lapsi of gur and coconut. Every Aanchalia should install the deity of the Kuldevi Chakreshvari in the festival of Navratri. The deity should be of silver.

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