Bafna is the 2nd gotra in the Oswal history. Its sub-gotras are as under :-

            Nahata. Bopala, Bhupiya, Bhabhu, Navsara, Mungadiya, Dagrecha, kamkiya, Chaudhary, Jangada, Kotecha, Bala, Dhaturia, Tihuyan, Kura, Vetala, Salgnb, Buchani, Savaliya, Tosatiya, Gandhi, Kothari, Khokhra, Patva, Daftari, Godavat, Kucheriya, Valiya, Sanghvi,Sonavat, Selohat, Bhavda, Lagu- Nahata, Panchiya, Kundiya, Tatiya, Thaga, LaguChamkiya, Bohara, Minthadiya, Maru, Randhira, Bhremecha, Pataliya. Banuna. Takaliya, Youdha, Dharla, Dudhiya, Badola, Shukainya.


            According to Mahajan Vansh Muktawli Yati Ramlalji stated as under :-

            There was a Dhar state in Malwa Province where Panwar Prithvi Pal was the King Sixteenth in his pedigree were two princes named Jeevan and Sachhu. They attacked Jalore. King of Jalore took help from the Rathors of Kannoj. The war took a furius turn. It continued for many days. for many days. Both Panwar princes got worried as they heard that Jain Acharya Shri Jin Vallabh Suri was staying nearby.

            At the request of the princes, the Acharya gave them a mantra termed as Bahufana Parsvnath Shatrunjay Mantr and told them to go to the battle-field confidently. When both the brothers got infront of the enemy’s army, all the soldiers of Jalore got terribly frightened and ran away. In this way they were victorious and they captured Jalore.

            When Raja Jaychand Rathore of Kannoj heard of this, he called both the princes and honoured them. On return both the princes went to the Acharya Jinduti Suri and adopted Jainism. Acharya named their gotra as Bahufana.

            The name of Jivan and Sachhu does not figure in the pedigree of Jalore and Dhar.

            According to Shri mangilal Bhuteria, The Bafna Gotra created by Pawars is different from the Bafna the 2nd of the first 18 gotras.

            The Kuldevi of this gotra is shri Sachyaya mata of Osiyan.


Acharya Shri Jinkripachandra Suriji

            He was born in V. 1913. His father was Meghrathji Bafna of village Chomu district Jodhpur. He became Yati in V. 1936. He installed Jain deity in the temple of Khervad. He was promoted to the post of Acharya in V. 1972 at Bombay. Many schools, including girl’s schools and libraries were established by his influence. He belonged to Kharttar Gachh.


Bafna Rai-Bahadur Sir siremal CIE

            He was born on 24/04/1882. He passed B.A. and B.Sc. combined in 1902 from Prayag University. He was topper in B.Sc., so university of Prayag University. He was topper in B.Sc., So University of Prayag honoured him with Scholoarship and Jubli Padak. In 1904 he passed LL.B and topped. Then he started practice at Ajmer. Indore State appointed him as District Judge of midnapur. Next year he was engaged as tutor of law to teach Shrimant Tukoji Rao. He travelled Eurpoe with Tukoji Rao. When Tukojirao sat on the throne, he became 2nd Private Secretary. In 1915 he became Home Minister. In 1921 he resigned. The special pension was given to him. Then he became Minister of Patiala. In 1923 Maharaja Holker again called him and made him Deputy Prime Minister. In 1926 he was made Prime Minister by Ex Maharaja Tukoji Rao.

            In 1914 he was honoured with the title of ‘Rai Bahadu’. In 1920 Maharaj Yashvantrao Bahadur honoured him with the title of ‘Etmat Vajiru Daulla’. In 1931 he was honoured and awarded the title of C.I.E. AGG Sir Reginold told him on 13–3 1929”--- I can say you have in Indore an efficient administrative machine, second to none against the state, I have seen the state. I have seen.You have a Prime Minister and a cabinet genuinely devoted to the good of the States and you have also a number of conscientious  officers. I rank the Holker adminstration very high amongst the States of India.”

            Sir Bafna opened classes of M.A. and LL.B in Indore. Opened two High Schools at Rampur and Khargon. Only by his efforts Indore Contonment and Hamipur were amalgamated in Indore. They were earlier in the possession of Britishers. In addition to it one representative started staying in the Court of Viceroy. No other state had their representative in the Court of Viceroy.

            Indore State witnessed all round development in his time.


Bafna Seth Bahadurmalji Joravarmalji Udaipur

            Bahadurmalji and Joravarmalji were brothers. Botht the brothers had good relations with Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Indore states. They played important roles in maintaining good relations with the Britishers and states. In V. 1818 Col. Tod was appointed as the Political agent of Udaipur. At that timer Udaipur was facing crisis, so Col. Tod was informed that the services of Jaravarmal Bafna, who was an able person, and who had made reforms of Kota should be made use of. So Maharana called Bafna Joravarmal and offered to settle him at Udaipur.Joravarmal Bafna got settled at Udaipur. He created new cities, helped farmers, maintained peace. Maharana was pleased with him and honoured with Palki Chhadi and title of ‘Seth’ When Political agent came to know that in a short time, Joravermal had nicely maintained the administration of Udaipur he handed over the charge of the management of the Treasury to Joravarmal.

            In this period Maharanaji took a loan of about Rupees 20 lacs. The major part of loan was from Joravarmal. Maharana desired to settle the loan, so Jaravarmalji invited Maharana at his haveli on 28–3–1846 and settled the matter according to the desire of Maharana. Maharana at his haveli on 28–03–1846 and settled the matter according to the desire of Maharana. Maharana was pleased and  awarded the jagir of Kundal village to Joravarmalji and Palki to his son Chandanmalji and ornaments and dress to grandson Indrapaliji. In the same way entire loan was settled through the wisdom of Joravermalji. He died on 26-01-1853. Rai Bahadur Sir Siremal Bafna of Indore is from his family.


Bafna Seth Premchandji – Udaipur

            In V. 1908 Maharana Swaroopsinghji honoured him with the title of ‘Nagar Seth’ which was to be hereditary, and presented Elephant and lavajma.


Bafna Shri Indermal – Sitamahu

            He was born at Sitamahu (Mandsore). He was a Freedom-fighter. He was arrested at Sitamahu. Gwalior, and in Rajasthan a number of times. In the Quit India Movement he was arrested and sent to Moongavali Jail.


Bafna Seth Shobhagmal Harda

            He built a Jain temple at Harda, He also got a well dug for the general public of Harda.


Bafna Seth Chhogalal Harda

            He was son of Seth Shobhagmalji. He was born in V. 1918. He rejuvenated the Jain temple built by his father.


Bafna Seth Chhaganlal Dhulia

            He was born in V. 1946. He worked as President of Dhulia Pinjarapole and for Pranirakshak Hospital for 5 years.

Bafna Deoraj ji (Patva)

            According to the petrography of Amarsagar Jain Temple of 1892 Patva Deoraj was a famous personality amongst Oswals of Jaisalmer. He had five sons named Bahadurmat, Sawairam, Magniram, Jaravarmal. And Pratapchand. They organized a grand Sangh for the pilgrimage of Shatrunjaya, Girnar and Abu in 1891. For its safety there were the army men from Udaipur, Kota, Bundi, Jaisalmer, Tonk, Indore and the British force. They paid Rs. 23 lacs against the remuneration of the army men. 2100 Jain Monks were there in the Sangh. In addition to it there were 4 elephants, 7 palanquins, 400 bullock-carts, 1500 camels, 100 chariots. On return they arranged a grand luxurious feast open of all the caste persons. The Oswal organization awarded him the title of ‘Sangh-Pati’ and Maharaval of Jaisalmer gave him the title of ‘SETH’ a Jagir and Elephant Amarsagar garden and Jain Temple wer built by him.

            All the five brothers built Havalies at Jhalarapattan, Ratlam, Udaipur, Indore and Jaisalmer. Five Havelis of all the five brothers of Jaisalmer are important tourist places of Jaisalmer. These Havelis are famous for the unparalleled monuments of work of art and architecture.


Bafna Seth Bahadurmal Patva – Kota

            The main Kothi of Seth Bahadurmal is there in Kota. He was the Treasurar of many states. He had 400 business centers in all over Rajasthan. He had his business centres in China and Sanghai also. His adopted son wash Shri Danmalji.


Bafna Seth Danmal Patva – Kota

            Seth Shri Danmal Patva organized a Sangh in V. 1982 for Shatrunjaya. There were 80,000 Jains were in this Sangh. It reached Sidhachal in three months. The platoons of the States and British army were posted for the safety of the Sangh. The title of ‘Saghvi’ was awarded to him.


Bafna Diwan-Bahadur Seth Kesharisinghji – Ratlam

            Patva Kesharisinghji made his head-quarters in Ratlam. The British Government had awarded him the title of Rai-Sahib in 1912. Rai-Bahadur in 1916, and Diwan-Bahadur in 1925. He was specially invited in 1912 in Delhi Darbar by the Governor General of India. He was the controller of the treasuraries of Devli, Nimach, Abu, Mewar, Bhanpura, Kota, Bundi, Jodhpur, Ratlam, Tank states. He had also built a Jain temple and Hostel in the premises of Banaras Hindu University.


Bafna Family of Jodhpur

            Shri Laxmanlalji Bafna was the Commander in Chief of the Jodhpur state. His son Krashnalalji Bafna was the Hakim and then Government Advocate and Inspetor General of Police. He was honoured with the title of RaiSahib in 1917. He published monthly magazine ‘Oswal’ in 1914. Oswal Mahasammelan of Ajmer (First) was organized by him.


Bafna Family of Sirohi

            Shri Chimanlalji Bafna and Chainkaranji were Diwans of Sirohi State in V. 1917


Bafna Family of Udaipur

            Maharana Swaroopsinghji awarded the hereditary title of ‘Nagar-Seth’ to Seth Premchand Bafna in V. 1908, and given the right to keep Elephant and the accouterment. His son Kanhayalal  and grandson Nandlal were also awardedthe title of ‘Nagar Seth’. He was in the first rank in the Panchayat of Udaipur.


Bafna Shri Ishwarmal – Bikaner

            He was born in Bikaner. He passed L.L.B. from Calcutta university . He was of  a revolutionary mindset. He married intercaste. He started publication of a newspaper named ‘Aaj-Ka-Bikaner’, from Calcutta. He was connected with many magazine and Newspapers. He was deputed as the editor of ‘Navyug’ in 1955. He established Shrsamjeevi Patrakar Sangh in Jaipur. He was General Secretary of the sangh and remained fighting for the Partrakars all his life.

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Kul Devi:

Jagat Bhawaani Sachiyay Maateshwari

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Location of Temple