Achariya Shri Kakka Suri of Upkesgachh enlightened Chohan Gaj Singh at Bagra near Jalore V. 1009 and it is thus that the gotra Bagrecha came to be named. Its sub-gotras are Soni. Sanghi, and Jalora. Kuldevi of this gotra is Shri Ambamataji


Bagrecha Shri Amipal

            Amipal Bagrecha was the Diwan of Sirohi state. His highness Jodhpur Maharaja Soorsigng called him from Sirohi. At that time Jalore was in the possession of Ajmer. By his efforst Emperor Jahangir allotted it to Jodhpur. Amipalji Mehta became the In-charge of Jalore in V. 1658.When Maharaja Soorsinghji went to Delhi. He took Amipalji with him.

            Jahangir was so pleased with Amipalji, that the Emperor appointed him as the Treasurar of Delhi. Till death he remained at Delhi. His wife willingly burnt herself to death on the funeral pyre of her husband. There is a tomb in their memory in Delhi.


Bagrecha Manaklalji – Jodhpur

            He built a Jain temple of Lord Parshvanath at Bhramsar (Jaisalemer), in V. 1844. In his family was Mehtra Bakhtawarmal, who was a warrior who was honoured by many states. Bagrecha Manaklalji was elected President of All India Sthanakvasi Conference of Phalodi in V. 1959. His son was Shri Ranjeetmalji, who was the Chief Judge of Marwar State.


Bargrecha Lala Amolakchand Jaisalmer

            He was Meer Munshi of Jaisalmer State.Maharaval Ranjeetsinghji of jaisalmer was much pleased with him. Maharaja of Patiyala also honoured him. His son was Lala Manakchandji.


Bagrecha Mehta Somsingh ji

            In V. 1679 Aamu Mohammad attacked Merta and arrested a very rich Nanavana Bohra person, so he, along with Thakur Ramsingh Charmpavat of Balunda, attacked Mahmmud. In this war the Thakur died but Somsingh won the battle and got released Nanvana Bohra. After that he settled at Jodhpur.


Bagrecha Mehta Bhagwandas

            The brother of Samsingh was Kitaji.Bhagwandas was son of Kitaji. He was a very brave person.In V. 1706 the Raval of Jaisalmer Shri Manohardas died. There rose a dispute between Bhati Ramchandra and Sabalsingh for the throne. On this occasion. The Emperor sent an order to the Maharaja Jaswantsingh to help Bhati Sabalsingh. By the order of Jodhpur Maharaja Mehta Bhagwandasji and Singhvi Pratapmalji went with the army. Bhagwandasji got success and retuned to Jodhpur. Jodhpur Maharaja was much pleased with him. He was father of two sons named Bherudas and jeevandas.


Bagrecha Mehta Jivandas

            In V. 1785 Rao Aanandsingh and Ramsingh rose in revolt in Jalore. Maharaja Ajitsinghji of Jadhper sent an army under the leadership of Bhandari Anopsingh and Mehta Jivandas. Both the rebels got frightened and ran away. He had three sons named Girdharidasji, Sunderdasji and Narsinghdasji.


Bagrecha Mehta Lalchand

            Mehta Lalchand was son of Sunderdasji. He was a brave and a clever. Politician. He remained in the services of Maharaja Vijaisinghji. He was sent to Agra and Delhi by the orders of Maharaja.. He was also sent to Bikaner. Thre also he did a lot to help the Bikaner state. When Nijakulikhan attacked Jodhpur with an army of  5000 soldiers, Emperor put an army of 15000 soldiers at the disposal of Mehta Lalchand. He defeated the enemy. Jodhpur Maharaja allotted the Jagirs of villages Aakedli, Panchodi, Mundwa, Bechroli, Kundi, Akdaiya, Nenia, and Jhalamond.


Bagrecha Mehta Bankidas

            Bankidas was son of Mehta Lalchandji. He was also a good politician and a brave person. He helped a lot in negotiating for the treaty with the Marahtas. He was appointed Hakim (the judicial and administrative head of a tehsil) of Merta in V. 1856. He had three sons named Malukchandji, Dalichandji and Thanmalji. Mehta Thanchandji Was Hakim of Parbatsar. Village Nenia was in his Jagir. Mehta Thanmalji was father of two sons named Sambhoomalji and Koravarmalji..

Bagrecha Mehta Sambhumal and Joravarmal

            Both these brothers were in the service of Jodhpur Maharaja  Mansingh and Maharaja Takhatsingh. In the dispute of Uniara many states sat together to solve the dispute. At that time Shri Sambhumalji was the representative from Marwar State. Later, he was deputed Hakim of Parbatsar. After some time he was promoted to the post of Diwan. He died in V. 1929. Mehta Joravarmal was Hakim of Didwana. Javanmalji and Danmalji were sons of Sambhoomalji.


Bagrecha Mehta Danmalji

            He was Hakim of Maroth. He was the, the most reputed person of the society. He died in V. 1963. He was father of Shri Bakhtavarmalji.


Bagrecha Mehta Bakhtavarmal ji

            He was a very popular and the most powerful person of this family. He was born in V. 1941. He was the Superinterdent of the Department of salt and Vakiat. Then he was transferred to many departments and then promoted to the post of Hakim of Merta. He played an important part in the establishment of a new colony in Jodhpur named Sardarpura. He was jonoured by Siropav and Palki. Major General Sir Pratap wrote him a letter as follows :-

            Sri Bakhtawarmal Mehta had shown his ability at all the departments in which he worked. He is very faithful towards the state.I know him since many years and I realize his capability.

            Once the king of Nasinghgarh offered him a higher post, but Maharaja Jaswant singhji did not allow him to go anywhere else. He was the President of All India Jain Sthanakvasi First conference of Phalodi held in V. 1957.


Bagrecha Mehta Jaswantmal ji

            He was born on V. 1938. He got his education with Maharaj Sardarsinghji in the Noble School. He was appointed Hakim of Jodhpur in V. 1969. He worked as the Manager of Kuchaman Jagir from V. 1976 to 1986. A high school, a hospital and  several roads were built in his time at Kuchaman. His son was Shankermalji.


Bagrecha Mehta Ranjeetmalji

            He was born in V. 1946. He passed his B.A. examination in 1909 and then passed his L.L.B. examination. He was appointed Hakim of Barmer in 1918 and then was promoted to the post of Superintendent of Malant. Then he became civil Judge in 1919. Sessons Judge in 1923 and in 1927 he was promoted to the post of judge of the Chief Cout. Jodhpur Maharaja, Sir Renald, Col. Hamilton, Col. Windham etc. Praised him on varios occasions. He was also nominated the President of Muncipality. He had two sons named Gopalmalji and Kishanmalji.


Bagrecha Mehta Jawaharmal ji

            He was born on V. 1923. He was the Treasurer of Nagour, Sivana and Pali. He was a man of no desire or ambitions, so left his services in V. 1970, and led a life of a monk. He was a good astrologer. He wrote and published a poetry book name ‘Javar Bhajan Mala’. He had two sons named Rangroopmalji and Jagroopmalji.


Bagrecha Mehta Rangroopmal ji

            He was born in V. 1943. He was a legal practitioner and earned name and fame both. He opened M. Law Classes in 1915.

            He was President of Hindu Sabha. Jodhpur in 1923. He was also elected President of Hindu Sabha Godwad. He also opened a Library. He had three sons named Ranamalji, Mahaveermalji and Marudharmalji.


Bagrecha S.S. Mehta M.Com. LL.B.

            He was born in Jan., 1928. He retired from the post of Asstt. Commissioner of Income Tax. He is attached with many social and religious societies, such as Mahaveer international, Suncity, Mahaveer Iner National Public Chritable Trust, Bala Satiji Trust, Jai Bhagwan SEva Samiti Trust, Oswal Singh Sabha etc. He is also PResiden of Shri Oswal Bagrcha Samaj, Jodhpur.


Bagrecha Shri Rikhabchand Ji

            He was born in Siwana Dist Balotra. He is the president of All India Bagrecha Samaj.


Bagrecha Shri Premraj Mehta

            He is son of Shri Vijairaj Mehta. He played a very important role in uniting the Bagrecha Samaj at the national level. He is General Secretary of all India Bagrecha Samaj.


Bagrecha Shri Sohan Mehta

            If we call Shri Sohan Mehta. A revolutionary leader of Oswal Samaj, it will not be an exaggeration. He travelled to the prison several times for fighting against injustice and exploitation. In 1975 he was sent to Jail at the age of 17 years under MISA in the support of Shri Jaiprakash narayan’s movement. He has been struggling against injustice and exploitation since the age of 13 years. He learned the lesson of revolution from Dr. Rammanohar Lohia.

            He was the President of Student Union in his college life and played an important role in many national and international activities. He is the National General Secretary of ‘Sampoorn Kranti Manch’. Mahaveer Kendra. He is the Founder, Convener of Jain Samta Vahini. He is General Secretary of Socialist Party of Rajasthan State.

            He is an impressive press reporter. He played a very important role in Baori Masjid action. He has been taking an active part I fighting for the safety of Jain Monks and Non-Violence.


Bagrecha Smt. Rani  Mehta

            She is he State President of Rajasthan Mahila Jain Panchayat, and is also fighting against women harassment, exploitation, dowry, murder for dowry, feast after death and other similar causes. She is the Jodhpur District Organization Secretary of the Congress party.

Kuldevi of Bagrecha

Jagat Bhawaani Shree Ambe Maata

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Kul Devi:

Jagat Bhawaani Shree Ambe Maata

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