There are many sub-gotras of Bhansali such as Bhansali Kachhawah, Bhansali-Mehta,

Bhansali-Chaudhary, Bhansali-Cheelmehta, Rai-Bhansali, Chungalia- Bhansali.

In the olden petrographs Panegyria & works the name of this gotra has been variously named as Bhandsali, Bhandsalik, Bhansali etc.

Lodhrava is a sacred place of pilgrimage, 14 km. away from Jaisalmer. It was the old capital of Jaisalmer. This city was created by Lodu Kshatrias. In the 10th century Bhati Rajputs attacked Lodharva and won the bettle. In the 11th century Raja Sagar was the ruler. Sagar had 11 sons. Out of them 8 died of apoplexy disease. At that time Acharya Shri Jineshwar Sri arrived in the city. King went to the Acharya with his queen and said, “All my 8 sons died of the disease of apoplexy. Now please protect the rest 3 sons.”

Acharya said, “It you convert your caste and epouse non-violence and become an Oswal, then only I could do something” The King handed over the kingdom to Kuldhar and he and his two sons Rajdhar and Shridhar became Oswals. They were enlightened in Bhandsal (utensil store), so their gotra was named Bhansali. Both these brothers built a jain temple of Lord Chintamani Parshwanath in Lodhrava. When Allauddin Khiljee destroyed the temple, then Bhansali Tharushah resurrected it.

            In the basement of Muni Subrat Swami Temple of Jodhpur, a hand written document has been found. In this gotra in dingal language.

Abstract of this letter is as under :-

Bhati Bhadoji was the ruler of State of Bhansal. Bulbukhara committed a dacoity in the state and looted it, when Bhadoji came to know of this, he defeated the dacoits and also captured the queen of Bulbukhara.

            Bulbukhara made a furious attack on the city, with 1000 soldiers in action. Now Bhadoji came in trouble. Some persons informed him that a Jain Acharya was staying in village Kiradu. Acharya had marvelous powers, so Bhadoji and his courtiers went to the Acharya and requested him to help then at this critical time. Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri placed the condition, that if they convert them-selves and become Oswals, only then he would do something. Bhadoji and his courtiers agreed the proposal.

            Some soldiers of Bulbukhara died of disease, some ran away and rest got killed by the Bhatis. Bhadoji sent his brother Ridmalji and son Randheerji to request the Acharya to come to Bhandsol. Acharya came near the city, on the lending place of a tank in the jungle, 4 miles away from Bhandsol. Harkishan Bhati became his disciple and brother Rid Malji Bhati and others converted themselves and became Oswals, their gotra was named Bhansali. Their family ditie is Lodar Mata of Lodarva (Jaisalmer).

            It is also said that Bhansali gotra is a Sub-Gotra of Shrimal kuldevi of Bhansali (Bhati) is Lodarmata of Lodarva. But of Solanki is Amba Mata of Ambaji.


Bhansali Raijada Tharushah – Jaisalmer

            Khimsee was son of Shridhar. Pedigree of Khimsee was as under :-

            Dev, Dhanpal, Sadharan, Punyapal, Saju, Dehu, Gajmal, Jayato, Vasto, Punjo, Aaskaran, YAshodhaval, Punyasee, Shreemal and the 18th was Tharushah. Tharushah was a ghee merchant in Jaisalemr. One day a lady of village Rupsiya came to his shop to sell ghee in a pot made of earth tied to an idani (a thick Ring) made of grass but, in fact, that idani belonged to Chitrabale. Chitrabale has a magic power. Both of them did not know anything about its magic powers. Tharushah tried to weigh it. It was found to be so heavy. Then he put the idani away and weighed the pot. He purchased ghee and paid its price and demanded that idani at any cost but she refused to take anything as the cost of that idani. Even then he made her agree and paid her a good amount for it. He made unlimited wealth with the magic of that Idani.

            He built new temples and rejuvenated old temples. He managed sanghs and did many religious deeds.

            Once the Emperor Akbar, called Bhansali Tharushah. He went to Delhi and presented nine elephants and 500 horses to the Emperor, so Akbar honored him with the title of Raizada and with the title of Rai to his descendants, so they are named Rai-Bhansali.



            Descendents of Tharu Shah lived in Jaisalmer. The king of Jaisalmer awarded them the title of Kachhwah, so they are called Kachhwah- Bhansali.


Bhansali Chaudhary

            Some Bhansali of Jalore and Jodhpur are called Chaudhary, because they were chaudharies of their community


Bhansali Chandalia

            A few Rai-Bhansali families who resided in the village Chandalia and then shifted to other places were named Chandalia.


Bhansali Bhura

            The family of Bhuraji Bhansali was named Bhura.


Bhura Seth Motilalji – Jabalpur

            He was member of Municipal Board and took part in each social and religious work.


Acharya Shri Ramlal ji Maharaj

            He was born in V. 2009 at Deshnokh. His father was Nemichand ji Bhura. He took Diksha from Acharya Shri Nanalalji Maharaj at Deshnobh. Now he is Acharya.


Bhura Shri Motilal - Jabalpur

He played an important role in the freedom fight of India. He was the Finance Minister of Tripura Congress Conference. He had been the member and vice Chaiman of the Municipality of Jabalpur for 17 years. He was elected President of the fifth conference of all India Oswal Mahasammallen of 1999 held at Pushkar


Bhansali Pungalia

            When Bhansali families shifted from Pungal, then they called Pungalia-Bhansali.


Bhansali Solanki

            Abhaddeo Solanki Rajput was the king of Abugarh. None of his sons remained alive. In V. 1168 Acharya Shri Jinvallabh Suri arrived in the city. King went to the Acharya and demanded his blessings. He said, “Sir, if in future my sons will remain alive, I will obey your orders and will do what you instruct then to do.”

            Acharya, “If you leave the violence and become non-violent only then I could bless you” On the acceptance of the proposal Acharya blessed him, “All your seven queens will give birth to a son each and they will remain alive.”

They accepted the blessings in Bhandkul, so their gotra was named Bhansali-Solanki.



            In the 17th century there was a famous Bhansali named Cheel, so his family is named Cheel-Bhansali. It is also said that Cheel Bhansali are not from Bhati. They were Solanki.


Bhansali Shri Kailash – Jodhpur

            He was born on 18-02-1941. He passed his B.Com. L.L.B and C.A. examinations and has been doing practice since 1970. He had been the Chair person of Jawaharlal Nehru university from 1992 to 1999 and Chartered Accountants Association of Jodhpur of Branch from 1992 to 1998. He is the Director of J.K. Farma Ltd of Chennai. He was Director of Rajasthan Finance Corporation Jaipur from 1995 to 1999 and Chamber of Commerce and Industries from 1982 to 1992.

            He is Vice President of Mahaveer International and Secretary of Bhagwan Mahaveer Sikshan Sansthan, Jodhpur and All India Bhasali Samaj.

            It is also said that Bhansali gotra is a Sub-Gotra of Shrimal.


Bhansali Aajad – Madhumati

            Bhansali Aajad had written ‘Pad-Prakash’ It is a commentary of book of ‘Sarswati Kanthabharanalankar’ of Bhojraj. Its copy on a leaf of a toddy tree lies there in the Singhvi Pada Bhandar of Pattan.


Bhansali Shri Sardarmalji – Jodhpur

            He was born in V. 1977. He is the President of Shri Jaimal Jain Shravaksangh of Jodhpur. He played a key role in developing the Mahilabagh Sthanak.  He is the trustee of Shri Sugankanwar Chariatable trust, Bhansali Bhawan, Pal Road, Jodhpur. He was the president of Jain Dadavadi, Fatehsagar, Jodhpur.

Bhansali Shri Rajendra Kumar   

        He was born on 1-7-1939 at Jodhpur He was selected for Engineering Services of Indian railways in 1961. He travelled to Austria, Germany and England for training. He was a Bridge player. He rose to a high position in railways.

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