There is a village Vayad near Dissa (Gujrat). The Brahmins of Vayad were against the Jainism, so they always desired to take revenge. Once  a cow was about to die, so they sat the cow in front of the Jaim Temple of Lord Mahaveera. The cow died in the night. When Acharya Shri came to know that dead body of cow is lying in front of the gate, and it is the trick of the Brahmins to blame the Jainism, so with the powers of Mantras he placed the dead body of cow in front of the hindu temple. When Brahmins came to know this wounderful miracle of the Jain Acharya, they all came to the Acharya and became Mahajan Oswal. Their gotra was named ‘Bhojak’

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