Gotra Bohra is sub-Gotra of Many Gotras, therefore, it is found in many gotras.

Acharya Shri Hastimal ji Maharaj

He was born on Pos Shukla 14th of V. 1967. His Father was Shri Kevalchand Bohara. He and his Mother both took Diksha from Acharya Shri Subchand Ji Maharaja on Magh Sukhla 2nd of  1977 at Ajmer. He became Acharaya at the young age of 19 years in V. 1987 at Jodhpur.

He wrote severl books including jain Dharm ka Molik Itihas in four volumes. Samayak and Swadhyay were his moto.


Acharya Shri Askarnji

            He was born in V. 1812 at Tivri. His father was Shri Roopchand ji Bohara. He got Diksha from Acharya Shri Jaimalji in V. 1830. He was a poet. He wrote many books. He expired in 1882.


Muni Shri Chandanmuni (Punjab)

            He was born on Kartik Krashna 9th V. 1971 at Village Tyona (Bhantinda) His father was Shri Ramlaji Bohra. He became Muni on Vasant Panchmi V. 1988. His Guru was Muni Pannalalji Maharaj. He was a poet.


Bohara Seth Achalsingh – Agra

            He was born in V. 1952. He was the Freedom fighter. Hent to jail for 18 months at the time of Salt-Egitation, 12 months at the time of Quit India Movement of 1942, He took interest in the social service. He was Vice President of Municipal Board of Agra. He had been president of State Congress Committee for 48 years. He was elected member of Legislative Assembly of U.P. in 1920, 1936, and 1946. He was elected M.P. in 1952.

            He played an important role for the upliftment of the rural area. He started Achal Gram Seva


Sangh in 1928. He brought a revolution in the education and medical services in villages through his trust. In 1935 he declared Achal Trust of Rs. One lacks. Libraries and reading rooms are run by this trust.

            His wife Smt. Bhagvati Devi had established an educational Society from her total property of Rs. 2.5 lacs. Under this society a collage, a School and Bal Mandir are run.

            He was elected President of 2nd Oswal Maha-Sammalanat Ajmer of 1936. The main paper Oswal Sudharak was published only under his guidance. His Abhinandan Samaroh was organized by the Government of India in 1974.


Bohara Seth Budhmal Kaluram-Lonar

            He built Jain temple at Lonar in V. 1979 he was honoured with the title of ‘Seth’.

Bohara Raja Malukhchand – Delhi

            According to ‘Harchandrika’ and ‘Mohanchandrika’ in V. 457 King Malukhchand Bohara was the ruler of Delhi. He defeated Vikrampal son of Samudrapal and became ruler of Delh. He and his family ruled Delhi till V. 657. Last king of this family was king Govindchandra Bohara. After the death of Bohara Govindchandra his queen Padmavati reign on the throne. After her death the state went in the hands of her Ministers. The names of 10 generation of Bohra Malukhchandra are as under :-

Malukhchand, Vikramchand, Aminchand, Manakchand, Ramchand, Harichand, Kalyanchand, Bhimchand, Lovchand, and Govindchand.


Bohara Seth Budhmal Kaluram – Lonar

            He built Jain temples at Lonar in V. 1979 he was honoured with the title of ‘Seth’


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