Chandalia Bhansali

It is a sub-gotra of the Raj-Bhansaligotra.

ChandaliaBhgansali Shri LaxmichandjiRingnod.

            His family was originally resident of Delhi. They left Delhi and settled at Ringnod via Kanpur, Sujalpur, and Sarangpur. He was member of RingnodPanchayat Board.


Chandalia Shri Indrachandji – Sardarshahar

            He was Kamdar of Majisa of Sardarshahar made rules and regulation of Panchayat. He built a very beautiful temple of Lord SanishcharjiMaharaj.


Chandalia, Lunga

            The origin of gotraChandalia is from Rajput Chauhan family. Their gotra was named Lunga.

By virtue of the blessing of the Acharya, the Lungas worshipped their Kuldevi by means of ChandaliniVidhya. So the Devi appeared in the form of Chandalini. That is why these Lungas were known by the name of Chandaliya. Thanks to the blessings of the Kuldevi, they all became prosperous, and their money in famine for the good of the general public. They also managed many Sanghs of sacred places of pilgrimage, constructed wells and tanks for the general public, and did much social work.

            Later on these families left the village Chandalia and settled elsewhere.


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