Cheel Bhansali

Itis a Sub-Gotra of Bhansali.BhansaliJalaiji helped MaharanaHameer to occupy Mewar. His son was Cheelji. His family was named Chel-Bhansali.


Mehta Cheelji – Udaipur

He was a very intelligent person and a great politician. He was Diwan of Balvee, the Maharana of Mewar. He along with all the Minsters and high offices were against Balveer. All decided to do something. Ashashah, Commander of Kumbhalgarh fort asked Cheelji to do something soon. One day Cheeli requested Balveer “There is a shortage of food materials in the fort so if your honour orders bullock carts carring food materials may be arranged to enter the fort through secret gates at midnight. In this way our requirement would be met.”Balveer ordered the ‘in charge’ of the fort to allow carts of food–materials. In the mid-night, one thousand five hundred bullock carts entered the gates of the fort. In fact there were soldiers in the carts. They all attacked the fort. Balveer was taken by surprise; he got frightened and ran away with his family through Lakhotiki Bari. In this way Sisodia won ChitorCheelji was the key to this victory. It is also said that CheelBhansali was originated from Solanki Rajputs. Hence their Kuldevi is Shri Amba Mata of Ambaji.


Cheel-Bhansali Mehta Ramsinghji

            He was a great politician. He became Pradhan of Mewar for a number of time. In V. 1875 Maharanaji awarded him a Jagir. First he was appointed State Minister and them was promoted to the post of Pradhan in V. 1881. The economic condition of the Stategot improved under the administration of Ramsinghji. In V. 1883 Maharana awarded him a jagir of 4 villages. MaharanaJavansinghji again appointed him the Pradhan of the State. In V. 1903 Maharana seized his property and terminated him. So he went to Ajmer. There after Maharaja Bikaner invited him but he did not go.


Mehta Jalimsingh – Udaipur

In V. 1918 MaharanaSambhusinghji called Shri Jalamsingh the third son of Ramsinghji to Udaipur, so he went to Udaipur and the fourth son Indersinghji went to Bikaner. Zalimsinghji founded a new village named Jalampura. He was Hakim of Sadri in V. 1925. His son Akshaysingh was made Hakim of Kumbhalgarh.


Mehta Dr. Mohansingh. – Udaipur

            He was younger brother of Mehta Tejsinghji the Private Secretary of Maharana. Mohansinghji went to England for further studies and returned from there after obtaining the degrees of Ph. D. and Bar-at-law in the year V. 1984.

            In V. 1988 he established ‘Vidhya – Bhawan’ in Udaipur, an institution which became Chief Minister of Mewar State. After Independence he was nominated as the Member of the Constitutional Assembly.

            Later, India Government appointed him High Commissioner and Ambassador of Holand, Pakistan and Switzerland. He remained on these assignments for 14 years. He was nominated representative of India in UNO in V. 2015.

At his desire he was appointedas the Vice-Chancellor of Rajasthan University where he remained from V. 2017 to 2023. He formed ‘SevaMandir Trust’ for the welfare and the development of villages. The activities of the Trust covers 350 villages. 104 whole time and 370 part-time workers are engaged in the various tasks of trust.

In V. 2016 he became the President of Adult Education Board. He died in V. 2042.


Mehta Tejsinghji – Udaipur

            He was in the lineage of Mehta Ramsinghji. He was private secretry to Maharana of Udaipur.


Mehta Shri Chimansinghji – Beawar

            The family of Shri Govindsingh, the second son of Shri Ramsinghji , settled at Beawar. Where he had worked as the member of Beawar Municipal Board for 24 years.


Cheel-Mehta Akshaysinghji

            He was son of Jalimsinghji. He created three villages after the names of three brothers, named Akshyapura, Kesharpura, and Jivanpura. He was Hakim of Kumbhalgarh, and Magra. He angaged Dacoits and Bheels in farming and increased the population of Mogra District. The he became Hakim of Mandalgarh and Bhilwara. He died in V. 1962.


Mehta Shri Jivansinghji

            He had been Hakim of Kumbhalgarh, Sahada, Kapasan, JAhajpur, Chitore, Asind, Bhilwara, Mogra etc. for 35 years.

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