Dedrani Shah Khema of Gujrat

            One day a Bhat arrived at pattan the Capital of Gujrat and per his custom he praised the Maharajans in the hope of getting reward in return. He was saying, “Sir! You are Shah, not only Shah but much even greater than the Badshah (Emperor).” A fellow who was rather faithful to the Emperor of Gujrat, and had jealousy with the Mahajans, heard these words. He was a backbiter. He immediately went tto the Emperor and exaggerated what the Bhat had said. The Emperor immediately called the Bhat in the Court and enquired. Bhat ignorantly confessed. On his confession, Emperror called the chief Mahajans of pattan and inquired whether what Bhat said was correct or not. They all said “Bhat’sverson is true Sir! Because you have your influence only with in your Kingdom, but Mahajan is a top-most sect, which has respect in the whole world for its generosity and deeds of welfare for the general public.” The Emperor immediately ordered them to prove it. Further he ordered :- “Fore-tellers have declared that it is a draught year. You say that you are more generous than I am. Than this is the best time to prove it. In this whole draught year you will feed the total public of Gujarat. No one should remain hungry. Only then I shall believe that you are bigger than Emperor even.

Othervise I shall panalise you all for your misbehavior.”

            That evening a meeting was held to discuss the matter. To feed Gujrat was not an ordinary task. As per the condition they were to feed lacs of people of whole of Gujrat both the times. When they started to prepare the lists and chalk out the details, they felt that all the Mahajans of pattan combined could feed the people for three and half days only. Then the question arose then who would feed them for rest whole theyear long. After discussions it was decided to send a few persong to travel whole of Gujratand complete the list.

            In the morning a few persons started their journey. At the noon time when they were passing through a Dhani (A small village having a cluster of huts), a person urged on them for rest and have their meals, because the next village was very far off from that Dhani. On the way to his hut, he enquired about the purpose of their journey, and as to where they were going to. This fellow was a Mahajan so they told him the entire story as well as the purpose of their journey. They had their meals and then the host demanded the list of donors. He wrote his own name KhemaDedrani as donor for all the 360 days. They all were amazed and begain to see one another faces. Khemadedrani told them that he could provide money but it is the Mahajans who will manage meals of this function for whole the year long.

            After a few days they started feeding the general Public of whole Gujrat. Khemadedrani told them to give sweets along with the rich diet to all of them.

            After a few days the Emperor called the Mahajans and was pleased to ask as to how they had been managing? They replied that only one of us told to take benefit of this sacred deed. The emperor declared that, “You all are correct and I diclare that You all are real ‘Shah’ and I am just a ‘Bad-shah.”

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