Dhabari ShriUmraosingh – Udaipur

            He was a member of MenwarPrajaMandal, and took active part in the freedom Struggle. He took interest in the welfare and in uniting the farmers and backward class people. He was member of all Indian States LokParishad in 1942, so he was arrested and sent to Jail. After Independence he joined Socialist Party. He had been General Secretary of Socialist Party for two years. He remained Sarpunch for 5 years, Pradhan for 4 years and was elected M.L.A. in 1961.


Dhabariya Shri Umraosingh Bhilwara

            He was the member of Praja Mandal agitation. He took part in the Quit India Movement and was sent to Jail. After Independence he was elected Member of the Legislative Assembly. He went to Jail several times.


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