The original name of Jaisalmer was Bhatia because Bhati’s had established this kingdom. There was a City Vikram Pur in Jaisalmer. Thakur Heersen Sonigara was its ruler. Heersen had no son, so one day he requested Kshetrapal in these words, “If you gove me a son, then I will spend one lakh twenty five thousand golden coins for the development of your temple”.

            By luck, Heersen became the father of a son, now it was the duty of Heersen to spend the said golden coins for the development of the temple of Kshetrapal but he had not much of money left now. He tried his hard to collect money but even after eight years he could not succeed. Kshetrapal became furious and entered in the body of child Khetal and created many sorts of troubles. The whole of Jaisalmer was tired of thes troubles created by Khetal.

Acharya Jin Dutt Suri arrived in Vikram Pur, at that time Heersen requested the Acharya to do something so that there could be peace. Acharya by his divine powers made Kshetrapal normal and ordered him not to create any trouble in further.

            Heersen eas the defaulter of Kshetrapal so when he converted himself as Oswal his Gotra was named Dosi Other Songara Chouhans who converted themselves Oswals were named Sonigara.

            The Diwan of Thakur Hari Singh was Parmar Pithal so his Gotra was named Pithalia.

Kuldevi of thes gotras is Shri Ambaji.


Rishi Jivaji

            He was born in V. 1551. His father was Dosi Tejpal of Surat. He renounced the world in V. 1578 and took Diksha from Rishi Roopji. He became Acharya in V. 1585.

Muni Shri Ramesh Muniji Shashtri

            He was born on 24/01/195 at village Badu District Nagour. His father is Shri Punamchandji Dosi. His mother is Sandhavi Shri Prakashvatiki Maharaj. He took Diksha from Upadhyaya Shri Pushkar Muniji Maharaj. In 1965. At Garh Siwana. He passed the examination of Sidhantakacharya and Sahitya Shashtri after Diksha.


Dosi Shri Daramchand – Banswara  

            He is known for the fact that he hosted Tricolour Fkeg on the top of the Government Office in the presence of thousands Police in the British rule. He was a true nationalist.


Dosi Pt. Bechardas

            He was born in a poor Dosi family in 1902. His father died at the age of 10 years. He came in contact with Jain Acharya Shri Vijay Dharm Suri. Acharya taught him, then he went to Banaras, there he learned Jainism deeply. He passed B.A. Sanskrit from Calcutta University. During studies he edited ‘Shri Yasho Vijay Jain Serise.’ He had interest in Prakrit and Ardhmagdhi. He went to shri Lanka and learned language Pali and ‘Boudh Darshan.’

            He translated and also gave lectures according to the Shashtras of Jainism, so the Acharyas, yati and Mahant who had became lenient, werer afraid of him. They were with him so they protested and tride to boycotte him from the society, but he atood firm. They abused him and named him unorthodox and anti-tradition, but he remainedfirm and ultimately became a belover of the youth and thinkers.

            He came in contact with J.B. Kripalani, Kishorilal Mashruvala and Muni Jinvijaji, who made hem a revolutionary. He edited a prakrit book named ‘Sammati-Tark’.

            He came in contact with Mahtama Gandhi and took charge to edit ‘NAv-Jivan’. He was arrested and was sent to Jail for nine months. After release he became a lecturar of Ardh-Magdhi Language in Bombay University in 1940. President of India honoured him for the services of Sanskrirt.


Dosi Karma Shah

            The history and prosperity of Karmashah is found inscribed on the Shilalekh of V. 1587 found at Vimal Vashih Jain temple of Lord Aadinath at Shatrunjaya Tirth.

Karmashah resurrected Shatrunjaya Tirth in V. 1581. He was the Minister of Maharana Ratansingh’s cabinet Minister of Mewar.



Dosi Bhikuji-Mewar

            He was Pradhan of Maharana Rajsinghji 1st. He started the creation of famous Rajsamand of Udaipur. Maharanaji honoured him with an Elephant and Siropav. Maharanaji mostly lived at Rajnagar, so he built his house there. This house is now named Dosiji ka Mahal. A beautiful Garden and a Water Tank was also built there. He built a beautiful Glass temple of Loard Vasupujyaji and a Dharmshala at Udaipur.

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Kul Devi:

Jagat Bhawaani Shree Ambe Maata

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Location of Temple