Gotra Dudhoria is Sub-Gotra of the gotras Gang and Bafna.

            It is also said that there was a Kshatria king named Chayvan of Ajaimeru (Ajmer) who ruled 125 BC. In his succession was Raja Dudhorao, who sat on the throne in V.222. He was enlightened, and converted an Oswal. His gotra wa Dudhoriya.

            Yati Ramlalji has written in his ‘Mahajan Vansh Muktavali’ that Parmar king Narayansingh had sixteensons. One was Dudhorao. Acharya Shri Jinbhadra Suri enlightened him and converted him to non-violence and into an Oswal. His family was named Dudhoria. Shri Sohanraj Bhansali, and Yati Shripalchandraji have also repeated this story. 


Dudhoria Raj-Bahadur Budhsinghji And Bishansinghji – Ajimganj

In the lineage of Dudhorao was Seth Harakchand. He had two sons named Budhsinghji and Bishansinghji. They spread their business and Zamindar. They undertook many welfare works for the general public, so Government of India honoured them with the title of ‘Rao-Bahadur’ in V. 1945.

Both the brothers attended All India Jain Swetamber Conference held at Baroda in V. 1961. Budhsinghji presided over the Conference and Bishansinghji was Vice-President of this Conference. They built Jain temples and Dharmshalas ay many places.


Dudhoria Raja Vijaisingh – Murshidabad

            There was a time when this Dudhoria family was one of the most popular ones in Murshidabad. Raj Vishnuchandra was a famous Zamindar of Murshidabad. All the general public and the British Government honoured his son Vijaisingh. He had been the Chairman of the Municipality of Ajimganj from V. 1963 to 1978.

The Government honoured him with the title of ‘Raja’ in V. 1965. He donated lacs of rupees to the educational Societies of Murshidabad. He built School and Dharmshalas at Baluchar, Pali and Jodhapur cities.

            He was elected President of All India Jain Conference at Bombay in V. 1968, and of Surat in V. 1986. He was a member of Imperial League, Calcutta Land Owners (Jamindar) Association, and Bharat Jain Mahamandal etc. He was the first Oswal nominated member of the Counselling of States Committee headed by Lord Irvin in V. 1986. He died in V. 1990 at the age of 52.

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