Dugar (Kothari)

There was a Khichi Rajput Diwan in the Pali State. Its King was very credulous. Some spy put a false blame on Khinchi and poisoned the king’s ears, so the Khichi Diwan absconded and settled in Jangalgarh. In his 11th in his lineage was Soordaveji Khinchi. Soordaveji was father of two sons named Dugar And Sugar. They established a village AAGHAT in Mewar. Around Aaghat village there were colonies of Bheels and Meenas (the criminal tribes).

            When Bheels and Meenas came to loot the village, the Dugar and Sugar arrested them. When Maharana of Chitore heard that Dugar and Sugar brothers had arrested these dangerous Bheels and Meenas, he invited both the brothers to the Court and honoured them with the title of “Rao-Raja”.

            There was an old temple of Naharsingh Dev outside the village Aaghat. The citizens of village Aaghat smashed the templ, so NAharsingh Deva became angry and started creating nuisance to the villagers. Raoraja brothers tried to maintain peace, but in vain.

            In V. 1217 Acharya Shri Manidhari Jinchandra Suri arrived in the village, Then both the brothers went to the Acharya and requested him to help them to maintain peace. Acharya placed before them the condition of converting themselves to non-violence and to the sect of Mahajans. They agreed to the condition then the Acharya called Devi Padmavati. The Devi prouduced Nahardev before the Acharya. Nahardev was impressed by the Acharya’s greatness and promised that he would not do any violent act in future.

            When Berisal Sisodiya saw the splendor of the Acharya, he also took to Jainism. His gotra was named Sisodiya Sekha and kheta also became Oswal and their gotras were named Shekhani and Khetani respectively.

            According to Oswal Jati ka Itihas Sukhsampat raj Bhandari the origin of gotra Dugar is from Chohans, Chauhan Manikdev was the king of Bisalpur. He was enlightened by the Acharya Shri Jinvallabh Suri. His pedigree includes the gotra dugar and Sugar. Kuldevi of thes gotra is Shri Ashapura of Nadol.

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