It is a Sub-Gotra of the Shrimal Oswal gotra. The family of Fafu settled at Delhi at the time of Prithviraj Chauhan.



Shri Nathuji Swami

            He was born in V.1876 at Rayan Mandvi of Kachh. His father was Bisa Oswal Keshvshah Furia. He took Diksha in V. 1885.


Fufa Rai -  Mohnji

            Rai Mohanji of this family was placed on a high post under Emperor Akbar and Shahjahan. He was the commander of an army of 5000 soldiers. Emperor Jahanir awarded him a Jagir and the ‘hereditary title of ‘Rai’.


Fufa Rai – Hardeoji – Purnia

He took over the charges of the State of Purnia in V. 1897.


Fufa Rai – Sukhrajji – Bhagalpur

            He built a Haveli at Bhagalpur. He was the member of Municipality, Zilla-Parishad, and State Council. British Government awarded him the title of ‘Rai-Bahadur’. He was a member of the council of Viceroy. He built a very beautiful glass temple at Bhagalpur. Now it is a tourist place.

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