Yoduvanshi Somchand was king of Kotda (this village is near Jaisalmer) He had a big army of 5000 soldiers, but his main occupation was dacoity.

            One day Anchal Gachhacharya Shri Jaisingh Suri came near Kotada from Ummarkot of Sindh with 500 disciples. The army of Somchand blocked their way and ordered the to hand over all the valuables to them. Acharya decided to enlighten him. So he turned him into a motionless statue and entered the city of Kotda.

            Rajmata Swarupdevi came to know of this fact then she rushed to the Acharya and prayed to make him normal. Acharya placed the condition that if he left decoity and be a nonviolent person then only he could do the needful, and further that when they all came to the city they all will convert themselves and become Oswal Jain. Rajmata Accepted all the conditions put forth by the Acharya. Then he uttered mantras and they all become normal and come to the city. They all converted their cast and became Oswal. Son of Somchand was called Galji so their gotra was named ‘Gala’.

            King Somchand built a temple of Bisalmata their kuldevi and installed a idol of Bislmata made of 50 kg. of gold at Kotla.

            In V. 1550 all Gala families left Kotla of Jaisalmer and settled in Kachh.

            Its Sub-gotra are :- Aatha, Samarkhi, Buhad, Bahand, Kataria, Aghoduiya. The kuldevi of this gotra is Bisaldevi. Bisaldevi is known as Beeshath Mata. Its temple is in Bherubaugh Jain mandir of Jodhpur.


Your thoughts on Gotra

Kul Devi:

Shree Hinglaaj Maata

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