Gandhi is not one amongst the main gotras. It is a sub-gotra. It is found in many main gotras. This gotra was so named, because the people, carrying on this business dealt in perfumes, scents and essences. According to Muni Gyansunderji Maharaj, Gandhi is the sub-gotra of Shreshthi. Bhatts wrote in their Bahi that the gotra Bhandari and Gandhi held their origin in Chouhans of Jalore. According to Mahajan Vansh Muktavali the Gandhi gotra is sub-gotra of Gandhar Chopda. Gandhar-Chopda originated from Diwan Gandhar Hansaria. When the descendants of the Gotra traded in scents, and perfumes they named Gandhar-Gandhi.

            11th in the pedigree of Rao Lakham, the founder of gotra Bhandari was Popseeji. He was a famous Ayurved doctor. In V. 1338, when he cured Raval Sanvatsingh, the king of Jalore, Ravalji honoured him with the titled of ‘Gandhi Mehta’ from that time his family is named ‘Gandhi-Mehta’.

According to Pt. Hiralal Hansraj gotra Gandhi is sub-gotra of the gotra VAdera.


Acharya Shri Sagranand Suriji

            He was born in V. 1931. His father was Seth Maganlal Gandhi of Kapadganj. He and his elder brother Shri Manilal got education of Jainism. Both the brothers took Diksha they were named Mani Vijayji and Anandsagarji respectively. He became Gyani in the year V. 1960. He managed to create a fund of Rs. 1 lac at Surat for the setting up of a big library. In V. 1974 he was promoted to the post of Acharya by the Acharya Shri Vijaykamal Suriji. He created a big library at Bombay also. He created 15 societies named Shri Jain Anand Pustkalaya, at Surat, Ratlam, Calcutta Ajimganj, and at Udaipur are the most Popular libraries. Therefore he was honoured with the title of ‘Aagmodharak’.


Acharya Shri Hirachandji Maharaj

            He was born on 13-03-1938 at Pipar. His father was Shri Motilalji andhi. He took Diksha at Pipar from the Acharya Shri Hastimalji Maharaj on KArtik Shukla 6th V.2020. He became Acharya on 02-06-1991 at Jodhpur.


Shri Saubhaya Muniji ‘Kumud

            He was born on 10-12-1937 at Akola (Chittor). His father was Shri Nathulalji Gandhi. He took Diksha in V. 2006 from Prevartak Shri Ambalalji Maharaj. He was declared secretary of Shraman Sangh in Pune Sammelan. He wrote more than 30 books on religionand on other themes.


Gandhi Somchanji – Mewar

He was incharge of Zanani dyodi at the time of Maharana Bhimsinghji. At that time most part of the state had gone into the hands of others. There was great shortage of money, so Maharana used to take loan from chndavat Sardar Bheemsingh. Once Maharani desired to celebrate the birthday of Maharaja, so he refused. Somchandji sent a message to Maharaniji, “If you promote me to the post of Pradhan, then I can arrange the loans.” Maharani Promoted him to the post of Pradhan.

He desired to solve the problem of the income of the state, so he made friendship with Shaktavats and managed the loan. When Bheemsinghji heard about it, he became agree Somchandji restrained many anti Sardars and tried to control the situation. He sent Maharana to Bhinder and created good relation with Shaktavat Mokamsinghji. He created good relations with Jaipur and Jodhpur. But Bhimsinghji murdered Somchandji.

Maharana gave the post of Pradhan to Somchandji’s brother Satidasji and Shivdasji Gandhi.


Gandhi Mehta Shri Jalamchandji – Pokran

            He was pradhan of Pokran Thakur . He was killed while fighting with the army of Amirkhan by fraud at Mundwa. A tomb was built in his memory.

Gandhi Dr. Shivnathchandji – Jodhpur

            He was born in V. 1948. His father died at the age of 13 years. He passed the  Degree of Medicine from Indore. He was the first Allopathee doctor in Jodhpur. He was Secretary of Oswal Youngman Society. He was always ready to treat the poor and needy patients without any reservations.


Gandhi Shatidasji – Udaipur

            He was Pradhan to Maharana Bheemsinghji of Udaipur.


Gandhi Veerchand Raghav ji

            He went to USA in the year 1893 to take part in the parliament of world Religions. This trip of his was very successful from the point of view of the Jain religion. He gave a number of lectures in the various cities of USA. Many Americans adopted Jainism under the influence of his lectures. Mr. Mrs. Heward and Mrs. Liono Smith were also among them. They settled in USA Currently more than lakh of Jain families are residing in USA and Canada.


Gandhi Shri Suresh Amritlal

            He was born on 25-09-1950 at Sirohi. His father is Dr. Amritlal. He cleared his C.A. from Bombay in 1972. He under took building construction work in Kalpatru group for 28 years at Bombay, Pune and Dubai (UAE). Now he is planning to create a new colony named Umed Heritage of 450 bungalows on 110 acres of land in Jodhpur. He was an active member of Jodhpur Association of Mumbai. He organized a Sangh for Samedshikhar, Pavapuri, Rajgrahi of 101 religious persons for 10 days.

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