Ghemawat (Otavat)

There was Hastikund near Bijapur. King Digvat was the rular of it. Acharya Shri Balbhadra enlightened him and converted him to the cult of non-violence and to an Osawal. In his lineage was Bhandaji, who organized a Sangh for Girnar and Shrtrunjaya. In 1800 there were Ghemaji and Otaji in his pedigree. These brothers built a Jain Temple of Lord Manmohan Parshvanath. The family of Ghemaji named ‘Ghemavat’ and  Family of Otaji named ‘Otavat’. It is also said that these gotras are sub-gotra of ‘Hatunia Rathore’

            Kuldevi of these gotras is shri Nagnechia Mata.


Ghemavat Seth Harakhmalji – Sadri

            In V. 1956 he built a Girls School. All the Management expenses are still born by this family. He also built a Upasara in the city. He built one Baori in the way of Ranakpur, named ‘Hira Baori’ on his wife’s name. He donated money in many societies.


Ghemavat Seth Sundermalji – Godvad

            He was born in V. 1935. He built a Girls school at Shivgang.


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