Hallari Bisa Oswal

They are named Shah and had been residing in Kachh for the last 450 years. They settled in district Hallari so they were named Hallari Oswal or Hallari Mahajan. Their main occupation was farming. Due to continuous famine they settled in East Africa. Their number might be 70 to 80 thousands. Half of them are still residing in Jamnagar. Bhivandi and Bombay. Some people call them Kachhi Bania also. They flourished in Bombay. They are the Kings of retail business of Bombay. They are a hard-worker and of co-operative nature person. More than 400 are the builders. They have monopoly in the stationery business. They do not believe in publicity. The famous musician Kalyanji Anandji are Hallari Oswal.


Hallari Jetha Anand – Kenya

            In V. 1954 Oswal Hallari Jetha Anand was the first of all to go to Medagaskar and settled there. The many Hallari went to Africa and settled in Kenya, Uganda and Tenjania. They became much prosperous due to the co-operative policy. 19000 Hallari Oswals are there in Britain, 17000 in USA and 2000 are in Canada.


Hallari Shah Megha Pethraj – Kenya

            Shah Meghji Pethraj was a Village teacher became multi-milionaire Kenya government honoured shri DEvsi Mepa with the title of M.B.E. in v. 2017.


Hallari Bisa Oswal Families of Kenya

Punmchand Shah went to Kenya on the job of a Railway Builder. Kantilal went to Kenya in V. 1978. He took part in the freedom fight of Kenya and became the adviser of Jomo Kenyata, the top-most leader of Kenya. He established many societies of Oswals there, such as Bisa Oswal Samaj, Oswal Educational and Co-operative Board. He was elected the member of Dhara Sabha of Kenya. He was the General Secretary of Kenya Freedom Party in V. 2017. He was the Treasurer of Nerobi branch of Anu. Now he is residing in London.


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