Harkhavat is a sub-gotra of the gotras Pamecha and Banthia.

Harkhavat is a sub-gotra of Pamecha gotra. In V. 1644 Pamecha Kawad shri Harkhaji was a famous figure. His family was named Harkhavat. He arranged a Sangh and built temples at Sirohi, Jodhpur and at Jalore. The Emperor of India honoured him with the title of ‘Shah’.


Harkhavat Kushalsinghji – Indore

            He was a well known person of his family. Indore State honoured him and awarded a village as his Jagir. He died in V. 1823. On his death his wife burnt herself willingly on the funeral pyre of her husband, out of devotion.


Harkhavat shah Prabhudanji – Jodhpur.

In V. 1914 at the time of Muting he went to Aouva with Lodha Raoji Rajmalji with the army to defend the rebellious army of Aasop. There Rajmalji died there while fighting btravely.


Harkhavat Seth Davechandji – Sitamahu

            He built temple of Lord Rishabhdave at Sitamahu.

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