Jinnani is the sub-gotra of Sankhlecha. Sankhlecha Lakhaji and Samdaji left Mevanagar and settled in Jaisalmer in V.1484. his great grand son was Kushlaji. He had no son. He requested a Fakir named Jinnashah, and by his blessings he got a son. The son was named Jinda. Jindaji organized a Sangh for Shatrunjaya in v. 1682. His family was named Jinnani. This family had a powerful place in the Royal Court of Jaisalmer. One person of this family was deputed the Chief Chaudhary. His Highness of Jaisalmer used to take advice of this Chief Chaudhary. Their families are residing at Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Kota, Tonk, Ratlam, Nsarsinghgarh, Bhatapara, Chennai and Calcutta.

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