Johari is not a gotra, it is a profession.

Johari Seth Kastoorbhai Lalbhai

            According to ‘Jain Parampara’ no work like ‘Itihas’ was written by ‘Tripuri Maharaj’. Seth Kastoor Bhai Lal Bhai was Bisa Oswal of Kunkum-role gotra. Kamisariat says that he was Okesvanshi.

            He was born on 19-12-1894. He was the top most industrialist of Gujrat. His father expired when he was 18 years old, so he took charge of the parental business. He started a number of Cotton Industries in India, such as Raipur, Ashok, Saraspur, Arvind , Nutan, and New Cotton Mills. After First World was, he established a chemical industry with a capital of 18 crores and in collaboration with America.

            He was nominated Trustee of Anandji Kalyanji in V. 1926. He was the member of National Assembly in the year 1923. He donated lacs of rupees t Shantiniketan. Banaras Hindu University etc. He was te Director of the Reserve Bank of India between 1937 to 1949 and 1959 to 1969. Shri C.D. Deshmukh was appointed Governor by his efforts. He was the leader of the Indian Delegation, which had gone to Russia in 1954. The Kandla Port was founded by his efforts. He was the Chairman of the Development committee formed by the Government in 1948. Five crores of Rupees were collected for ‘Gandhi Smarak’ during his President ship.

            He established Ahemdabad Education Society, under which many schools and colleges are run. He was the founder of many research institutions. The Governemnt of India awarded him the title of ‘Padma-Bhushan’ in 1969. He died on 19-01-1980.

According to the petrography found in the temple of Lord Aadishwar, shahastrkiran Shishodia had two sons named Shah Vardhman and Shah Shantidas. Shashtrakiran was 6th in the line of Thakur Padmasingh’s successors. He left Mewar and settled at Ahmadabad. At the age of 20 years. He joined service in a Johari shop. In a short period he became an expert Johari. Seth Shantidas was born in v. 1642. Mughal Empress Jodha Bai was his Dharm sister.


Johari Durlabhji Tribhuvandasji – Jaipur

            His original residence was Morbi (Gujrat). He established his Jewellary business ta Jaipur in V. 1908. Its branches are at Rangoon and Ranchi. He was the founder Truster of Indian Jain Conference Trust. He had five sons named Vijaichand, Girdharilal, Ishwarlal, Shantilal and Khelshankar.

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