Kankaria is sub-gotra of the gotra Charad, it was founded in Veer Sanwat 71 by the Acharya Shri Ratnaprabh suri.

Shri Khematrao Padihar of village Kankaravat Village  was  afeudal of Maharana of Chittor. His son bheemsingh was a very egoistic person. After his father’s death Maharana called him to havethe seat of his father, but he declined the proposal just out of his egoism. Maharana felt it as his insult so he sent an army to arrest him.

When he heard that the army of Maharana was coming to arrest him, he got frightened and went in the shelter of Acharya Shri Jinvallabh Suri who was st325w2waywiwwnwwgw5 ethere are that time. When Bheemsingh agreed to do any thing that the Acharya would order, then Acharya gave him consecrated pebbles and adviced him to go in front of the army and throw the pebbles at them.

Bheemsingh went in front of the army and threw those pebbles as directed. The effect of the pebbles was that the whole army became nervous and returned to Chittor.

When Maharaja heard of this miracle, he politely called Bheemsingh. Maharana excused him and said that his bravery was excellent. But Bheemsingh did not take a credit for the Acharya were having miraculous powers. This made the army retreat. From that day onwards the family began to be called ‘Kankaria’.

It is said  that Kuldevi of Kankaria was Ganjeshwari Mata, but  few Kankaria persons dipped the idol of Devi in the well and begain to worship Sachyaya Mata.


Kankaria Jasroopji Mehta Jodhpur.

            JAsroopji was Kamdar of Devnathji Maharaja Mansinghji was much impressed by him. But Britishers did not like that the Maharaja Mansinghji remain in the pressure of Naths, so JAsroopji was transferred to Beawar in V. 1896. His son was Jaswantraj Mehta. He was appointed as a Magistrate and by and by reached up to the post of Foreign and political secretary of Maharaja of Jodhpur.


Mehta Shri Maganrajji – Jodhpur

            At the of Maharaja Takhatsinghji, he was Land Revenue. Superintendent. He expired in V. 1958.


Mehta shri Shivrajji

He was initially Land Revenue Superintendent of Jodhpur, and then Hakim. He went to Bikaner and became Custom Superintendent there. He had a good collection of hand-written books of Sanskrit and Magdhi language. He expired in V. 1972.


Mehta Shri Jaswantrajji – Jodhpur

            He was born in V. 1955. He passed B.A. in 1919 and LL.B. in 1926. He was appointed Magistrate in 1920, and became Chief Judge in 1924. He became Registrar of MAhakamakhas. In 1931 Maharaja Sahib promoted him to the post of Foreign and Political Secretary a very privileged position. Prince Maharajsingh praised him in his speech in the State Council, and paid a special tribute to the excellent work of the foreign and political secretary. He was officer of an exceptional ability with whose work Kanwar sir Maharajsingh has been completely satisfied. He had always found him reliable. In 1933 he became superintendent of Tribute Office. Previously this post was earmarked for the Diwan of the State. After Independence of the country he became an M.P.

            In additional of his service he was keenly interested in the reform and prosperity of the society. He was the key figure of Oswal Navyuvak Mandal Jodhpur and All India Navyuvak Mahamandal.


Kankaria Seth Kaluramji – Beawar

            He was born in V. 1950. He took charge of Jain Middle School in V. 1977. He bore all the expences of the school. He have his building to this society. He bult a Dharmshala near the Railway Station Beawar. He was the famous Banker of Beawar. He was member of Municipal Board. Sarrafa Chamber and one of the Directions of Adwand Mill.

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