Gotra Kapadia is a sub-gotra of Dharod

Kapadia Shri Parmanand – Bhavnagar (Gujrat)

            He was born at Bhavnagar on 18-06-1893. He was a revolutionary thinker, so the Murtipujak Sangh discarded him fro the society. He was an Advocate and Johari by profession. When he came to know that there is a difference in saying and doing in the life of Jain Monks and that the living style of Jain Yati was totally against the customs of Jainism, he became a revolutionary and started to give lectures against Jain Yati’s. In this way he became a reformer. A Martin Luther of the society. He arranged assemblies and gave lectures against Purdah, Bal-Diksha, Deva-Dravya. In this way, he became a Jain leader. He established ‘Bombay Jain Youth Society in 1929. In 1931 he edited Paper ‘Jain Prabudh’, which was changed to ‘Prabudh-Jeevan’ in 1953. His last publication was ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ in 1954. He did in 17-04-1971.


Kapadia Seth Tokarsee – Hyderabad

            His grandfather Devaji left Puttri and came to Bombay, from where he went to Shri Lanka and Burma. In 1941 when Rangoon was destroyed they lost everything they had. They arrived Hyderabad and settled there. By the inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhavehe under took many social projects in general public interest. He had written  his life in a book named ‘Jeevan and Jagruti’.

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