Karnia (Kenia)

Its sub-gotras are : Diyo, Kelan, Sivra etc. The families of these gotras are there in good number at Khakhar and Chhasra (Kachh).

            A gallant king Gadhadhar Parmar was the ruler of Sindh in V. 1175. In V. 1200 Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri enlightened king Gadhadhar was Gadda Jain. The family of Gadda is called ‘Gadwana Jain’. Some Gadvana families left Sindh and settled in city Kathkot (Kachh). In this family was there a famous person known as Brajpar Shah. His son Kurpar Shah organized a Jain religious federation from Kathkot to Palitana. At Palitana he built a Jain temple of Lord Parshvanath and installed a golden pinnacle on the temple. On his return, he celebrated a grand function to honour the Acharya Jindeo suri.

Acharya blessed Kurpar shah with the title of Karnia, and it became his gotra. The name Karnia got corrupted and became Kennia. There are many families of Kennia in Kuchh.

Kuldevi of this gotra is shri Arbudadevi.


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