Acharya Shri Udaiprabh Suri of Shankheshwar Gachh enlightend Kashyap Gotra Seth Zuna of Bhinmal in V. 715. The family of Seth Zuna was tired of the repeated attacks of Md. Gaznavi, so he settled at villag Achvadi. In V. 1111 SethAmra of this family married with an Oswal girl and converted him-self into an Oswal His gotra was named ‘Kashyap’. Its sub-Gotras are Lachhi, Gaa, Sanghvi, Aabhani, Gada, Sahula, Gugalia, Sanchora etc.

            Kashyap is a sub-gotra of Shrimal. Kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Amba Mata.

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