According to shri Hiralal Dugar, writer of ‘Jainism in Central Asia and Punjab’, Kavadia is sub-gotra of Raj-Kosthagar or Rai Kothari and Sevag Jethmal has also mentioned in his book “Veer Sassan” that ancestors of Rao Kothari Chada lived in Delhi. In a war, his parents sacrificed their life. After this Rao Chada was brought to alwar in a Kavad (bamboo having backets suspended at each end for carrying load), so Shah Chada was named ‘Kavadia’.

            Son of Chada was Tada and Bharmal was son of Tada. At the time of Maharana Sangha Bharmal was the incharge of the Fort of Ranthambhor. His sons were Bhamashah and Tarachand.

According to shri Balvantsingh Mehta, who hold a different openion the Gotra Kavadia was named as they were the dealer in Coins (Kavadia). Kuldevi of this gotra is shri Amba Mata.


Kavadia Shri Bharmal

            He was incharge of fort Ranthabhor in the reign of Rana Sanga. Maharana Udaisingh promoted him to the highest post of Pradhan.


Kavadia Bhamashah

            He was son of Bharmal. He was the Prime Minister of Maharana Udaisingh, Maharana Pratap and of Maharana Amarsingh of Mewar. He was born on 28-06-1547. He married the daughter of Nahta Bhimaji. He played an important role in declaring Maharana Pratap as the King of Mewar.

            The Emperor Akbar attacked Mewar 22 times. He remainedan ally of Maharana Pratap at all these times. Akbar sent a big army under the command of Prince Salim. A furious war was fought at the battle field of Haldi-Ghati. When Bhamashah knew that there had been much casualty on their side and they may be defeated so he played a trick. Thakur Umrao of Badi Sadri wore the turbon of Maharana Pratap and he helped Pratap in escaping from the battle field. Maharana reached Kumbhalmer and Thakur Umrao died in the battle field.

Maharana was disheartened for the lack of every thing and decided to surrender at that critical time Bhamashah helped the Maharana. He invited Maharana at his house. After the feast he handed over his total wealth to Maharana. According to Col. Tod, Bhamashah had given so much money as Maharana’s army of 25 thousand soldiers cauld have fought for 12 years with the Mughals. It is said that Maharana collected all the strength and recaptured all the forts of Mewar except of Chittor till V. 1643. According to Khumanraso Bhamashah attacked Ahmedabad and many other States and had collected crores of rupees of support the Maharana.

Emperor Akbar tried to purchase Bhamashah through the Commander Abdul Rahim, but in vain. Bhamashah was extremely charitable, a brave warrior, and a religious person. He revamped Kesharianath temple in V. 1643 and, travelled to many religious pilgrimages and holy places of Marwar, Malva, mewar, Agra, Ahmedabad, Pattan, Khambhat, Gujrat and Kathiawad.

He died on V. 1656 at the age of 52 years. At the time of death he handed over the keys and account  books to his wife with the instructions that they should be handed over to Maharana at the time of his need. He was a shining star of firmament of the Oswal community. His son Jivashah became the P.M. of Maharashtra Amarsinghji, after the death of Bhamashah.


Kavadia Tarachand

            He was born in V. 1604. He was appointed Governor of Godvad state. According to Lunka Gachh Pattavali, Shah Tarachand founded the city named Sadri. The title of Thakur was awarded to him. He built Jain Upasara and Poushadhshala. He also engraved the well-known Tara Baori. He was a lover of Art, a musician and a literary person. Poet Hem Ratna wrote ‘Gora Badal Padmini Katha’ by the orders of Tarachand. He fell in love with a ‘sen’ lady named ‘Fitu’. She was very beautiful. It is said that Maharana ordered him to hand over fitu to him, but when he refused then Maharana called him to Udaipur and murdered him in 1648.

            His 4 wives, Fitu and six other sen ladies and six singing girls burnt themselves with the turbun of the deceased Tarachand. It is also said that his Mare (she horse) also died on the spot. His son surtan built a monument in his memory and this whole episode is mentioned there on.


Kavadia Jeevashah- Mewar

            He was son of Kavadia Bhamashah and Pradhan of Maharana Amarsinghji. And his son, Akshayraj was pradhan of Maharana Karansingh. They had the hereditary right to the Pradhan’s post.

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