Gotra Khimsra is a sub-gotra of Chinchat the 14th gotra of first 18 gotras. But Yati Ramlalji wrote a story of the origin of this as under :-

            Balecha gotra Chauhan Khimji was the ruler of Marudhara. He  renamed his city after his own name and called it Khinvsar.

            One night Bhati Rajputs attacked their city and looted their cattle (cows and Camels etc.) When Khimji came to know about this, he at once ran after them with a small army, but defeated. On return Acharya Jineshwar Suri with his fellow monks. Khimji beseeched  the Acharya to do domething to save their prestige and cattle from the decoits. He also promised to be non-violent in future. Acharya gave a Mantra to Khimji and directed him to attack the decoits. The decoits were defeated and they returned the entire belongings of the Khimji’s people.

            Khimji and other noble persons were over Joyed. But could not keep the promise. Then Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri arrived in Khinvsar after a few years. He went to the royal Palace and reminded them of the previous promise and converted them to Oswals and named their gotra Khinvasra. Kuldevi of this gotra is Shri Lekekshan Mata.


Khinvasra Dr. Bhanwarlal – Calcutta

            He was born on 20-01-1923 at Sardarshahar. He was a freedom fighter. He came in contact with the national leaders Mahatama Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Jaiprakash Narayan, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhashchandra Bose, Rammanohar Lohia, Jainarayan Vyas etc. while the freedom struggle. He was arrested while taking oath of freedom at Shradhanand Park Calcutta and remain in Jail from 1942 to 1944s. According to the instructions of the national leaders he went under ground for one year in 1944 and travelled with Jainarayan Vyas in Barmer, and shiv districts to fight with Maleria. And given free treatment to all the victims. He also took part in ‘Bhudan Andolan’, ‘Harijan Seva’ etc.


Khivasra Shri Nagraj Mehta – Jodhpur

            After finishing his education he joined Indian Railway services. He was retired from the post of Chief. He is attached with many social and religious societies. He is the treasurer of Oswal singh Sabha, Jodhpur. He is the President of Oswal Khivansra Bhaipa and Seva Bharti. He is the Vice President of Sahakar Bharti. He was the Treasurer of Shri Vardhman Jain Relief Society. He is taking  an active part in Oswal foundation Day in Jodhpur for the last 3 years.


Khinvasra Mehta Sardarchandji – Jodhpur

            He was Hakim of Jaitaran. He was a prominent person of Oswal Samaj of Jodhpur.

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