Kochar (jivani)

King Mahipal was the ancestor of Maharaja Vikramaditya at the 15th place in the pedigree of Ramdeoji. His son was Kocharji Mahipalji was enlightened by Mahatma Posalia of Tappa Gachh. There is a story in support of this. Mahipalji did not believe in Mantras and Chamatkars. One day he asked Mahatma, whether gold can be made by mantras? Posaliyaji replied that Mantras have great powers. He disbelieved the Mahatma. Mahatmaji told him that he can show him the miracle if he promise to become Jain Oswal. He agreed to the proposal.

Mahatmaji gave him some powder on Deepavali night and said, “You drop it at any place, that place will become gold the next morning”. He poured that powder of the roof of the belconies of his house. Next morning he found that they whole were of gold.

Next morning he went to the Mahatmaji with family and took the oath. His family was named Kochar.

Jivaji and Rupaji were famous persons in their pedigree. So they were named Jivani and Rupani. Above story is not trustworthy. In the origin of Oswal history gotra Kochar is sub-gotra of Didu.

The Kuldevi of Kochar gotra is Beeshath Mata. This idol had twenty hands. Maharaja of Jalore was the most ferdent devotee of this diety. Sardar Baijnathji was a close friend of Maharaja Mansingh of Jalore. When he set on the throne of Jodhpur he called Sardar Baijnathji came with his Kuldevi Beeshath Mata.

Maharaja of Jodhpur allotted the land at Bheribagh, where a temple was constructed by him and the diety installed. The Idols of Kala and Gora Bherav are also there on the both the sides of the diety.


Kochar Shri Pukhraj – Hinganghat

            He was the soul of the Non-Cooperative Movement of Hinganghat. He was elected member of State Dhara Sabha of 1936.


Kochar Urjaji Family

            Urjaji was son of Kocharji. He arrived Bikaner with his four sons named Ramsinghji, Bhakarshinghji, Ratansinghji and Bhivsinghji. Bikaner Maharaja appointed them on high posts. It is said that there are more than 125 families of these four brothers at Bikaner. They did the work of Mehta so they named Kochar-Mehta.


Mehta Rai-Bahadur Meharchandji

            He was born in V. 1932. In V.1954 he was appointed as a Tehsildar. In 1912 he became Najim of Suratgarh. In 1916 he was honoured with the title of ‘Shah’ by Maharaja Gangasinghji. In 1918 British Government honoured him with the title of ‘Raibahadur’. In the same year he became Revenue Commissioner of Bikaner State. He died in 29-12-1919. His sons built a Jain Dharmshala in Kocharon ki Gavad in his memory.


Kochar Mehta Shahmalji

            He was Diwan of Maharaja Sardarsinghji in V.1867.


Kochar Shri Meghrajji – Hyderabad

            He was President of Marwari Mandal of Hyderabad. He was banker and Jeweller of Hyderabad Residency.


Kochar Shri Manaklalji – C.P.

            He was President of Oswal Sammelan of Malegaon, youngen’s Oswal Association of Jodhpur and C.P. Provincial Oswal Sammelan of Yavatmal. He took part in the Non-Cooperation Movement of 1920-21. He was President of Municipal Board and Secretary of Congress.


Kochar Belaji Mehta – Jodhpur

            He was Diwan of Maharaja Soorsinghji of Marwar, and was rewarded with Jagir of Merta. His elder son Jagannathji was Hakim of Phaodi in V. 1692, and younger son Gopaldasji was Hakim of Sivana, Toda and Jodhpur.


Kochar Shri Surajmal Mehta – Jodhpur

            He is in the 10th generation of Kocharjee. He was Diwan of Maharaja Mansinghji. His brother Shri Bahadurmalji died while fighting at Bhinnmal in V. 1866. Mehta Budhmalji was Diwan in V. 1878.


Kochar – Mehta shri Ramsinghji – Bikaner

            He was honoured by Maharaji Soorsinghji with silver Pen and inpot, so they were named Lekhania. A jagir of village Vimlu was also awarded to him.


Kachar-Mehta Jethmalji – Bikaner

            He was the district Magistrate of Bhadra and Sujangarh.


Kochar-Mehta Budhmalji – Jodhpur

            He was Diwan of Jodhpur State between V. 1898 to 1899.


Kochar – Mehta Shahmal ji – Bikaner

            In V. 1867 Maharaja Sardarsinghji appointed Shahmalji on the post if Diwan of the state.


Kochar-Mehta Jethmal ji – Bikaner

            He was the District Magistrate of Bhadra and Sujangarh.

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