Kothari (Randhirot)

Kothari Kesharisingh ji – Udaipur

            Maharana Swaroopsinghji of Udaipur appointed Kothari Kesharisinghji in on the highest post of Pradhan of the State, in place of Mehta Gokulchandji. Before this he was the Excise officer of the state. Maharana handed over the administration of the temple of ‘Eklangji’ Maharana was pleased with his services. He was the personal Advisor of the Maharana. When he checked Maharana from giving estates in gift to all and Sardars the noble became his enemy, so they began to poison the ears of the King. Hence the king arrested him and started an enquiry. When he found out the fact Kothari was not only released but also made the Pradhan, but he resigned from the post in V. 1026 and died in V. 1928.

            His elder brother Kothari Chhaganlalji was also a very noble person. He took charge of the treasury of Mewar in V. 1900. He has also taken over the charge of the Management of the Army. Maharana was pleased with him and honoured him with presentation of estate to him.


Kothari Rai Chhaganlal ji - Udaipur (Randhirot)

            He was elder brother of Kesharisinghji. He was incharge of transurary in V.1900 and then was promoted to the post of Kothar incharge, and the Army. Maharanaji was pleased with his services and awarded the Jagir of village Murjai. He was also incharge of the treasury of Eklangji. Delhi Emperor awarded him the title of ‘Rai’ in V. 1930.


Kothari Shri Balvantsinghji – Mewar

            He was the adopted son of Kothari Kesharisinghji. He was appointed Hakim of Devsthan in V. 1938. Maharana Fatehsinghji nominated him the member of Mahdraj Sabha in V. 1945 then he was transferred and given the charge of State Bank. When Mehta Pannalalji resigned, the charge of Mahakmakhas was handed over to him. In the same way he was given charge of Devasthan, and mint. He did all this work on honourary basis. His son was Girdharisinghji.

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