Acharya shri Jaisingh Suri of Anchal Gachh arrived in Piluda city, situated on the bank of river sindhu in V. 1229. At that time Raoji Solanki was the ruler of the city. Prince Kunwar Lalan was suffering from leprosy. King went to the Acharya and requested to cure the prince. Acharya Shri placed the condition, that if you sconvert yourself into Oswal, only then he could cure him. King accepted the proposal. Prince was cured and the family of Lalan named.

It is also said that there was a Solanki Kanahad de was the king of Jalore. In his pedenstry was Thakur Ravji. Son of Raoji was Lalan. He was victim of Leprosy. Muni Kalaprabh Sagar cured him. He adopted Jainism and converted him Oswal. His family was named Lalan. Lalan is a sub-gotra of Didu.

It is also said that Lalanji left Piluda and settled at Don. Raja Suraji was king of Don Suraji was his uncle (Mama). He adopted Lalan. Kuldevi of Lalan is Lakshmi in the dress of Kalimata.



            Raoji build a Jain temple of Lord Shantinathji in his city. Jaisaji was a famous person in their pedigree, who build a grand Jain Temple at Jamnagar.


Lalan Jagdu Shah

            In Lalan gotra there had been a grand personality, named Jagdushah. He is one of the 74.5 Shahs of Mahajans.

            JAgdushah was son of Shah solaha Salag of Bhadreshwar City. He was an expert businessman as well as a most religious person. He used to utilize most of his time in gyan-dhyan.

In V. 1315, Acharya Sarvadeo Suri arrived in Dhadreshwar City with his follow monks. One night he was sleeping in Upashraya (the place where Jain monks were staying) in Paushad (pass a life as a Jain monk for a night). Acharya and his senior most monk were also sleeping nearby.

Suddenly, the Acharya and the monk started chit-chatting. ‘Master look the moon is penetrating Rophini Shanker’. At these words of disciple, Acharya looked towards the sky. Acharya asked the disciple, “to ensure that there was no one other around us?” At the negative reply of the disciple Acharya told, “From this year there will be a terrible famine in whole state.”

“Prabhu! How men, birds, and animals will be saved” Asked the disciple.

Acharya said, “There is an enclosure behind the house of Jagdu Shravak in the enclosure there is a Aak tree. In the bottom of the Aak tree there are three crores worth of golden coins. From this wealth alone Jagdushah will be able to save the life of all beasts and human beings.

Jagdushaah was delighted to listen to the conversation of the Acharya and his disciple. He thought “I am so lucky that all beasts and human beings will be saved by me.” In the morning he found out the golden coins and begain to plan. He appointed many clerks (managers), in each of the city to purchase and store grass and Corn at what ever rate.

The head Manager of Jagdushah and a neighbor used to take bath on a flat large stone daily. One day they quarreled and each tried to occupy that slab of stone. Soon the auction took place. The manager  purchased the rock at much higher price and put the rock inside the house of Jagdushah.

One day Lord Shiva appeared in the dress of a yougi and beg alms. Jagdushah honoured him and fulfilled his desires. On return he gave blessings, “you will be extremely charitable and relieve the scarcity stricken of famine”.

Jagdushah, “Sir, I have not enough wealth that I can do such a great work.”

Yogi, “the stone on which you are standing bears Paras-Pathars (A peculiar type of stone, if iron touches it, it would become gold.” The Yogi dis-appeared.

Jagdushah under stood that it was a divine power that had come there to show him the right path. Then Jagdushah examined the stone and found that there was a joint in the stone. He immediately broke down the stone and found out five pieces of Paras.

Jagdushah was delighted and concentrated to achieve the goal. He managed godowns of grass and free enting – places at 112 cities of the country viz Delhi, Sthambhanpur, Dhavaltak, Anhilpurpattan etc. where every body got free tasty food both the times. In addition he allotted 21000 Mudak (one mudak contains 4000 kg.), Maharaja Bisaldeo, 8000 Mudak to Maharaja Hamir, 12000 Mudak, to many other kings for their army and public. He also gave grains etc, to all the Shreshthies and Social workers as per their demand.

Jagdushah realized that high class families feel ashamed to come for meals, so Jagdushah build a grand house, wirth a room having only a hole in which only one hand could enter. He used to sit near the hole in the late hours of night. Many noble persons came at night in the dark and put their hand into the hole and Jagdushah read the lines appearing on the hand and placed silver or golden coins in their hands, as per their need.

When Maharaja Bisalpur heard of this type of charity, he himself came in disguise and put his hand in the hole. Jagdushah at once knew that, that hand was one of a king. So he placed his diamond ring in his hand. Maharaja Bisaldeo again put his other hand in the hole, then Jagdushah again put his other diamond ring on his hand.

Next day Maharaja called Jagdushah in his court and honoured him and said, “Shah, you are the most honourable, adorable person of this whole world. You will nt salute me as a common person in future” He also returned both the rings forcibly and presented him an elephant.

Jagdushah served the general public through-out the life. He constructed 70 temples, installed 900 idols. He expired at the age of 72.


Lalan Pt. Hiralal Hansraj

He was the decendent of famous Oswal Shah Vardhman Padmasingh Shah Pt. Hiralal had written and translated many books. Very popular of them are ‘Jain Dharam Ro Prachin Itihas’ in two parts, shri Gotra Sangrah, Vijayanandabhudaya Kavya, etc. He was sent to Jaisalmer to prepare the list of books of Gyan Bhandar. He prepared a subject vise list of 2200 books. This list contain the hand written books on the leafs of toddy tree and paper. This list was published by the name ‘Jain Granthavali’ in 1966.


Lalan Pt. Fatehchand Kapoorchand – Jamnagar

            He was born at Mandvi in V. 1914. He was known as a religious teacher in Bombay. He was a thinker and famous Orator. His few books are as, ‘Shraman Narad’, ‘Gospel of Man (in english)’, ‘Samadhi Shatak’.


Lalan Jesaji – Parker

            He built a Jain temple at Amarkot (sindh). It is said that Acharya himself had written, ‘Jesi-Jagdatar’ in his memory. He also built a temple at Piluda. It is also said that ‘PAVECH’ is its sub-gotra.

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