According to “Mahajan Vansh Muktavali” the origin of Lodha Gotra is as follows –

            Deora Chauhan Lakhan singh was subhedar of Prithviraj Chauhan. He had no son. Once Lakhansingh requested the Acharya shri Raviprabha Suri of Rudrapalli Khattar Gachh that he had no son. Acharya told, “If you convert yourself into a Mahajan, only then I can bless you for a son”. He accepted the proposal deceitfully. By the blessing of the Acharya his wife became pregnant, but delivered only a flesh ball, instead of a child. King Prithviraj told him that it was the result of his fraud. Then he went to the Acharya at Badnagar. There the deity of the Buniyan tree said, “You accept Jainism sincerely, and the blessings of the Acharya will convert this flesh ball into a child.” Lakhansingh accepted Jainism Acharya blessed the child and named gotra Lodha.

            In the History of Oswanshi and Oswal Anusandhan ke Alok me and the research it is found that Acharya Shri Raviprabha Suri belongs to Vrahad Tapa Gachh and not of Khattar Gachh. Lakhansingh was not a subedar of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Prithviraj chauhan lived in the 12th century. In fact Lakhansingh Chauhan was king of Nadole in V. 700, when Acharya shri Raviprabh Suri arrived in the city of Nadole. There is a petrography in support of this namely, that Acharya Shri Raviprabh suri installed an idol of Lord Shri Shantinath in the Temple of Nadole.

            So of Lakhansingh Chauhan was Ramsingh Lodha. 38th in the pedigree of Ramsingh was Raja Todarmal. Chhajmal and Bhavsingh. Their family is named accordingly. Ramsingh’s second son was Bheemsingh. In his pedigree were Raja Ramashah and Raja Bherushah, king of Alwar.

            According to the census report of the State of Marwar of the year 1991 published by Shri Hardayal Singh Raibahadur the facts are as under.

            The Lodha’s are generally called ‘Shah’ a title which is said to have been bestowed on their ancesters Todarmall and Chhajmall by the Emperor of Delhi.

            The tradition connected with their origin is a birth of ‘loath’ a lump of flesh to Lakhan Singh, a Subhedar of Chauhan Prithviraj, who took the same to the temple of Burlai Mata situated in Bhadana, Paragna Nagoure, where some water was sprinkled over it when suddenly the limbs sprouted. The transformed child was named Lodha after ‘Loath’ the word. He was made an Oswal by a Jati named Jain Suriji. The Lodhas remained for some time at Delhi. Their descendants migrated to Ajmer and then to Marwar.

There are four sub-divisions of Lodha’s Todarmalot. Chhajmalot, Ratanpalot, and Bhavsinghot. The Todarmalots who are Vishnues and they alone took to the State Services, and the other three who follow Jainism generally became shopkeepers. The Lodha’s says col. Walter, have held officer of position and honour in marwar.

The Characteristic features of this caste may be briefly summarized. The Lodha women after the birth of a child have to go first to the temple of Barlai (there Kuldevi) before they can leave their house for any other place.

From 1st to 10th of the month of ‘Chet and Asoj the women are forbidden to use Mahandi on their hands or soot in the eyes. The men on the other hand are neither allowed to change their clothes nor to get themselves shaved.

Like Bhandari’s they do not purchase a black cow but unlike them, they cannot even keep a black cow or a black goat.

Unlike the other oswals, they do not worship the potters wheel at the time of marriage. It may however be observed that the Lodhas who live in foreign countries do not strictly follow these restrictions as their brothern of marwar.


Acharya Shri Bhavdave Suri

            He was son of Bisa Oswal shah Duma Lodha. He was a disciple of Tappagachhacharya Shri Punya Prabh suri and his successor. His main seat was at Bhatner. Yati Jagroopji wrote “Bhavdave Suri Ras” in his honour.


Acharya Shri Rambaksh ji Maharaj

            Acharya Shri Rambaksh ji Maharaj was born in the Lodha family at Alwar in V. 1883 and renounced the world and became Jain sant in V. 1908 at Jaipur under Acharya Shri Amarshinghji Maharaj (Punjabi). Then he was promoted to the post of Acharya. He died in V. 1939.


Acharya Shri Bharmalji Maharaj

            Shri Bharmalji Born at Kelva. His father was Shri Krashanmal Lodha. He was the 2nd Acharya of Swetamber Terapanth. He gave diksha to 38 Saints and 44 female sadhvis. He died at the age of 75 at Rajnagar (Mewar) on Magh Shukla 6th of V. 1878. Muni Hemrajji wrote Bharmal Charitra in his honour.


Pandit Ratna Shri Simrathmal ji Maharaj

            He was born in Pipalgaon. His father was Shri Multanmal Lodha. He renounced the world and got diksha in the pedigree of Dharamdasji Maharaj. His family name was Bhikamchand Lodha. He spent his most of his ‘Sadhna Kal’ at Khichan. His sampradaya is very popular these days and known as Gyan Gachh.


Mini Shri Budhmal ji

            He born a Javra. His father was Kanniramji Lodha. He took his diksha in Sthanakvasi Ratanvanshi Sampradaya on 1895 at Pali. He expired after a Santhara (fasting) of 27 days on Margsheersh Shukla 12th of V. 1921.


Sadhvi Shri Gulab Kanwar ji Maharaj

            She was wife of Shah Pannalalji Lodha of Khachrod. She renounced the world after her husband’s death and took Diksha at Ujjain.


Sadhvi Shri Bilamkanwar ji Maharaj

            Bilamkanwarji was daughter of Shah Sanwatmalji Lodha of Jodhpur. She took diksha and became a disciple of Gulab kanwarji Maharaj of Gyan gachh.



Lodha Diwan Bahadur Sanghvi Kunwarpal and Sonpal

            Shri Dhanraj Lodha was son of Shreshthi Shrang Lodha. He was a very quite well-known and was religious. Dhanraj had a son named Vaishyaraj. He was very rich person and was always in the service of the society. He had two sons named Jethu and Rang. Jethu had two sons named Rishabhdas or Rekhchand and Premchand. This brother had plenty of money. They did many religious works. Historians compare him with Anand Shravak.

            Seth Rishabhdas had two sons named Kanwarpal and Sonpal. Both the brothers were very briliat and clever, liberal and patient and had many qualities. They were extremely charitable. They engaged a few persons to write religious Jain books, installed many idols, managed sanghs for Sametshikhar, shatrunjaya, Girnar and Abu.

            They were ministers of the Emperor Jahangir. In V. 1684 when Acharya Kalyansagarji Maharaj arrived at Agra, they installed 450 Jain idols in the temples of Agra. Emperor Jahangir honoured them with Siropav, nishan etc. In the sang of Sametshikhar there were 75 Jain Monks, 46 Digamber monks, 300 Bhatts and Charans and numberless Brahmins and carts and carries of goods. Many Oswals and Shrimals were in the Sangh. In the way they presented each shravak a plateful of two Kg. sugar and a coconut. Emperor sent an army of 500 soldiers for the safety of the Sangh. The Sangh awarded him the title of ‘Bhoopal’.

Kunwarpal had three sons named Sangraj, Durgadas and Dharmpal, Sonpal also had three sons named Roopchand, Chaturbhuj and Tulsidas.



            Roopchand ka Palia is a famous tourist place of Ahmedabad. It is situated near a well on the bank of river Sabarmati. There is one horse rider and three dolls installed on the grand Chabutra. On it there is a petrography. The wives of Rishabhdas. Sonpal and Roopchand burnt themselves alive with their husbands. This is proved by this petrography.


Lodha Commander Shri Biharilal         

            Shri Biharilal was resident of Nagour. He was a learned and a great warrior. Jodhpur Maharaja Amarsingh Rathore appointed him the Commander of his army. He was so brave that all the border States were afraid of him.

All the Rajput Sardars were feeling insufferably jealous of his fame, so they started to poison the ears of Maharaj Amarsinghji. Kings are mostly know to believe what is heard, and so was Maharaja. Maharaja started misbehaving with Biharilalji.

At this critical time he got an invitation from the Maharana of Udaipur. Hence he left Nagour with 200 soldiers and started towards Udaipur. He reached Narlai and camped there. He heard that the Hakim of Sadri heard that Shahji Shri Biharilalji and his small army were staying at Narlai, then they went to Biharilalji and placed before him their critical position. Biharilalji replied that he and his army were wayfarers, and also had no right to interfere in the acts of Hakim. People of Sadri told that it is the duty of a noble human being to help the poor and save them from the clutches of a cruel person. You are capable of helping us, so we pray you for the help” Said the people of Sadri.

Biharilalji there upon tried to make the Hakim understand, but in vain, At last he was killed by Shahaji. When shahaji and his soldiers were going to pass the Ghanerao ki Nall the Choukidar demanded the security tax. At this time Thakur of Ghanerao requested Shahji to stay at Ghanerao. Thakur also offered all the farming lands to Shahji as also his army. Shah Biharilalji settled in Ghanerao for ever.


Lodha Maharaja Shah Todarmall

            The origin person of Lodhas was Ramsingh Lodha S/o Raja Lakhansingh Chauhan. The 28th in the pedigree of Ramsinghji was Raja Todarmal. He is a famous historical personality. In the beginning he was the main adviser of Shershah Suri. After the defeat of Shershah. Humayou put Todarmal in the prison, but when he came to know of the qualities of Todarmal, he gave him a high post in his army. Todarmal proved himself a brave warrior, and then he became the Commander of the army. He became victorious in many battles. After the conquest of south, Raja todarmal built a famous temple of Balaji at Tirupati. He engaged Brahmins of Nagour to worship. Even today they are worshiping at Tirupati on the ancestral assignment. He also conquered Gujrat and maintained peace there. Emperor Akbar was pleased to see the fine administration of Bengal and promoted him to the post of finance Minister of India. He established many Lodhas and other Oswal families in Bengal at that time. They are still living in Murshidabad.

            Emperor Akbar awarded the titled of Maharaja to Todarmal and “Shah” to his younger brother Chhajmalji. According  to Lala Hardayal the family of Chhajmall is using this title ever since.

When the Emperor of India put down the sons of Guru Govindsingh and Muslims did not allow the Sikhs to cremate them in the ground, he requested the Muslims to sell the land. The owner of the Land demanded the price equal to the area of the land. When Todarmal spread the golden coins at that time the owner ordered to spread the golden coins standing. Even then he fulfilled his desire. A tomb is standing on SIR-HIND and petrography on it proves this statement.

Raja Todarmal was a scholor of Urdu and Persian. He was a poet. Famous poets Gang and tulsidas were hisfast friends.


Lodha Raja Chhajmal

            Raja Chhajmall settled in Nagour. His building Chhajmahal is still standing there. In his family was Sarang Shah. He was awarded the right of half tax by Maharaja Ajitsingh of Jodhpur.


Raja Bherushah : The King of Alwar

            Amongst the whole Oswal community only Lodha Gotra had two Kings named Raja Bherushah and Raja Ramashah Lodha of Alwar. They were victorious in many wars with the Muslims. When ever he heard of the aggression of Muslims on Hindus, he reached there with his army and saved them. Once Muslims attacked Pali and he arrested many females including the princes. On that occasion he followed them and defeated them near Sirohi and saved  them. There are many poems of Bhats mentioned in ‘Jain Jati Mahodaya’ fourth part on page no. 61 to 68 written by Muni Gyan Sunderji Maharaj.

He died in the battle field of Kotputly. A tomb is still standing in alwar on 14 Acres of land.


Lodha Seth Kamalnayan of Ajmer

            The descendants of Raja Ramashah were residing in alwar. One of Seth Bhawanisingh’s sons was Kamalnayan arrived in Kishangarh and then to Ajmer in V. 1860 and started business with the name ‘Kamalnayan Hamirsingh’ Here he earned name and fame both here. He also opened the branches at Jaipur and Kishangarh and then in Jodhpur by the name ‘Daulatram Suratram’.


Lodha Raibahadur Seth Sameermalji of Ajmer

            He expanded his paternal business. He opened the branches of his firm at Culcatta, Bombay, Kota, Alwar, Tonk, Padava, Chhabda and Nimbaheda. He also became the Treasurer of Alwar, Kota and Jodhpur, and also under took the management of the Treasury of Deoli and Eranpura.

            At the time of famine he opened a fair-price shop in Ajmer for the help of the general public. He had been Vice Chairman of Ajmer Municipal Committee for 31 years. He constructed the grand Fatehsagar Lake, whose water is still ised for the public of Ajmer and the railway. He was very famous for his many welfare works for the general public.

He was honoured with Siropav, right to wear gold on the feet and titles by their. His Highnesses of Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur. British Government was so pleased with him that they awarded the title of Rai Sahib in 1877 and of Raibahadur in 1890.

He had four sons named Seth Siremal, Seth Abheymal, Seth Biradmal and Seth Gadmal.


Diwan Bahadur Seth Ummedmal of Ajmer

            After the death of Raibahadur Seth Sameermalji the burden of all the tasks and responsibilities fell on the shoulders of Seth Ummedmalji. He was an expert businessman. He expanded his property and business. British Government awarded him the title of Rai-Bahadur in 1901 and Diwan-Bahadur in 1915. States of Rajasthan honoured him with gold and the JAgirs.

He established the Edward Mills in Ajmer to give employment to the needy persons. He had the contract of paymaster to the employeed of the Meter guage unit of Bombay Baroda & Central India Railway. He had no son so he adopted Abheymalji.


Lodha Raoraja Shamsheer Bahadur Shahmal of Jodhpur.

            In the lineage of Raja Todarmal was Shah sultanmalji. He was residing at Nagour in the service of Jodhpur Maharaja. His son Shahmalji was very brilliant and a warrior person. In V. 1840 when Maharaja Vijaisinghji went to Nagour for inspections, at that time he came to know of the abilities of Shahmalji, so he appointed Shahmalji on the post of his Army chief (Foj Musahib). At this time the political situation was unsteady. Many Jagirdars were going to revolt and neighbouring States also started creating nuisance. At this critical time, he served state in various ways, and fought in the wars and showed his ability. Maharaja of Jodhpur was pleased with him and awarded the title of ‘shamsheer Bahadur’ and heriditory title of ‘Rao Bahadur’ also in addition to it he gave him the right to wear gold on his feet, an Elephant, a watch and the Jagirs of Rs. 21,000/-

            He expired in V. 1874. Rao Mehkaranji and Rao Udaikaranji were his brothers and Rao Ridhmalji and Rao Kalyanmalji were his sons.


Lodha Rao Mehkaran Ji

            Rao Deokaranji and Rao Mehkaranji were very famous personalities of Lodha family at the time of Jodhpur Maharaja Gajsinghji, even Emperor Jahangir and Shahanjahan praised them in their open court for his bravery and awarded them. Rao Mehkaranji died in the battle field of Bilara. He killed his 60 enemies even after his head had been cut down. His tomb is still standing on the same place where he died. It is famous by the name of Zunzarji Ki Chhatri. Every year a fair is arranged in his memory. All the villagers of the surrounding villages celebrate it and worship there.


Rao Deokaranji

            He was the incharge of the Jalore fort. There he had been fighting with the enemy for many days. When there remained no food to survive he took the desperate step of wearing saffron turbon and caming out of the fort to die while fighting with the enemy. He died in harness end.


Lodha Rao Raja Ridhmalji

            He was a brave warrior. The allegiance to the state was his family heritage. He was appointed on the post of a Legal advisor of Jodhpur State to the Governor General by the Maharaja Mansinghji in V. 1862. In V. 1868 Jodhpur Maharaja awarded him a Jagir of Rs. 1600/- and the right of a Musahib. He framed the rules and regulations in regard to the relations of a Jagir and the State, which continued till the end of the State. He and Mohnot Ramdasji went to help the British army at Ajmer with an army of 2500 horse-rides in V. 1886.

            There was a big slaughter-house in Pushkar a holy place of Hindus. He was the person who closed it with the power of his sword.

He played an important tole to vring Maharaja Takhalsinghji as an adopted son of Maharaja Mansinghji. Maharaja Takhatsinghji awarded many certificates to him.

He won Umarkot of sindh and made it a part of Jodhpur State. He was a famous warrior a good administrator and a noble politician. He was father of Rooraja Rajmalji and Rao Fajmalji.


Raoraja Rajmalji

            He wasborn on V. 1873 and was the legal advisor to the Political Agent from 1903 to 1909. He was promoted to the post of Diwan on Chet Krashna 10th of V.1908 by the orders of Maharaja Rakharsinghji.

            In 1857, the Auva Thakur gave shelter to the freedom fighter so he attacked Auva by the orders of Maharaja. There he died in the battle field. There he killed many enemy even after his head had been cut off. A tomb was built in his memory at Auva.


Lodha Shah Udaikaranji

            He was a famous commander of the State army. According to the letter dated 2nd June of Captain Ludlow, it is clear that Udaikaran was a grand commander of the army. The letter is as follows,

            “All officers in Command of British posts and in the direction of Omarkote”. I have the honour to notify that a detachment of Jodhpur Troops was dispatched. Hence, under the order of Shah Udai Karan on the 21st Ultimo towards Omarkote to re-occupy it. Under the authority of the right Honourable the Governor General of India and on the part of Maharaja of Jodhpur, all the territories etc. formerly held by hisancesors in the district as Omarkote, with the expection of Fort and Town, which for the present are to be occupied by British Troops, and ever which together with the lands immediately connected with their British jurisdictions is to be exercised.

            I have the honour to address to the Governor of singh on this subject and to that he would be pleased to issue such orders as he may consider fit as called for by the occupation.


Lodha Raisahib Lala Tekchand Jain

            He was born on v. 1838. He was a famous social worker of Punjab. He was the founder and general secretary ‘Sthanakvasi jain Sabha’ in Punjab on 26-09-1909. He was elected municipal President of Jandiyalaguru in 1910. He was member of District court for 3 years. In 1929 Government of India awarded him the title of ‘Rai-sahib’. He was the State Secretary of All India Sthanakvashi Sammelan of 1929. He was elected the President of the Municipality and time.


Lodha Lala Narataram – Raikot    

            He built a room in Jain Gurukul Panchkula. He was the executive member of this institution. His younger brother, Lala Punamchand was Vice-president of Raikot Municipality.


Lodha Lala Kanahalaya- Ambala

            He built a Dharamshala near Jain temple of Ambala.


Lodha Lala Ratanchand – Ambala

            He was the Vice President of Jain High school. Treasurer of Atmaram Jain Mahasabha, and Director of Ambala Pensoners society.


Lodha Nagarseth Kaluram – Shivganj

            His main residence was Pali. He was the Surpunch Pali Panchayati. Maharaja Mansingh of Jodhpur honoured him for his social services. He established a new city Shivganj in the memory of Maharaja Shivsinghji of Sirohi. Maharaja Takhatsingh also honoured him.

His descendant Sayam Lodha has been an MLa of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly for the last 7 year.


Lodha Seth Navalchand Hirachand – Bagdi

            He settled in Bagdi from Nagour more than 400 years ago. He was trustee of Jain Gurukul of Beawar. Shri Amolakchand Lodha was the Executive member of local Jain Swetamber Conference and Secretary of Mahaveer Jain School.


Lodha Seth Indermal – Sujangarh

            He left Nagaour and settled at Sujangarh. He built a Dharmshala at the Sujangarh Railway Station.


Lodha Seth Chunialal – Bhusawal

            He was originally resident of Banera. He had been a sub-ragistrar in Bombay Presidency for 22 year. Udaipur Maharana awarded him the title of ‘Nagar Seth’.


Lodha Freedom Fighter Shri Nathmal – Khod (Pali)

            He was a freedom fighter. He played a active part in Quit India Movement of 1942. His revolutionary articles were published in ‘Veer Arjun’ (Delhi), ‘Vishvamitra’ (Bombay), and ‘Praja Sevak’ (Jodhpur). He also wrote against the exploitation by Jagirdars. He became member of ‘Lok Parishad’ in 1943. He was the member of the movement of ‘Dissolving the Assembly’ in 1945-46. He also played an important role in Harijan Reforms Movement.


Lodha Smt. Nandubai – Bhusawal

            Smt. Nandubai was daughter of Shri Dhondiramji Khivasra and wife of Shri Nainsukhji Ramchanderji Lodha. After first world was she entered in the national Movement. She started wearing pure Khadi. She was elected president of Maharashtrian Jain Ladies Parishad of Malegaon in V. 1984. She was the editor of ‘Oswal youth’ in V. 1988. She wrote many poems which were published in many news papers and Magzines. She also wrote stories and Geet. Her style of writing was crystal clear.


Lodha Shri Prakash Jain – Ajmer

            He was son of Lodha Mohanmal, but adopted to Lodha Kesharimal. He was a poet. He was the editor of ‘Lahar’ monthly. This ‘Lahar’ was most popular at that time. All the universities of world which were having Hindi Department was its permanent member.


Lodha Shri Doongarmal – Gundoj (Pali)

            He was a freedom fighter. He had played an important role against the exploitation by the State Government since 1939.


Lodha Shri Bhopalchand – Jodhpur

            He was born on 15-12-1898. He was the first Commerce Graduate of Marwar. In 1920 he became I.T.A. of Jodhpur State Railway. In 1922 he joined PWD as accountant and became account officer in 1930. He became Secretary of PWD in 1933. He did many works in the kingship of Maharaja Shri Umedsinghji. He builds roads, Dems, Cannels, Faraskhana, Museum, Jodhpur Air Port, and State Hotel etc. He builds Cannel of 60 miles of HEmavas Bandh and 7 Pumping Stations at Luni Kankudi Village. He was honoured by the Maharaja of Jodhpur. British Government honoured him with the title of ‘Rai Sahib’. Many important building of Jodhpur such as Public Park, Stadium, Stadsium Cimena, etc. were build by him. Indoor finishing of Umed Bhawan Palace was completed by him. A rest house had been built in his memory named Bhopalchand Lodha ‘Vishram Kaksha’ in the premises of Umed Hospital.


Lodha Shri Sharbatmal – Jodhpur

            He was born on 12-10-1926. He was retired from Railway in 1987. He had been Secretary and Treasurer of Bherubagh Jain Temple of Jodhpur. And Attached with many temple such as Gangani Kaparda etc.


Lodha Shri Aidan Phhol chand Dhamtari (C.G.)

            He was born on 15-07-1930. He is the main resident of Setrava. Rajsthan. His business is mining (lease) contractor and rice mill. He was the resindet of Jain Swetamber maha Kasushal Murti Projection and Pacutre of jain Swetamber Shangh. Now he is the vice present of Kevalya Dham Tirth trust of Khumbari, Raipur (C.G.) and Director of Modern Medical Institute of Raipur (C.G.)


Lodha Shri Chainraj Sanwatraj – Bombay

            He was originally resident of Ghanerao District Pali. He arrived and settled in Bombay. He was famous for his truthfulness and honesty. From this goodwill he earned both name and fame. His shop named ‘P. Lalit Metching Center’ is still famous all over Bombay. Starting from a zero. He became the richest person. His goodwill would continue till next generation.

            He was not much educated but was very much interested in supporting the needy students by way of Scholarships. He built a Girls school at his village Ghanerao.

He played the most important role in establishing the building of Chainraj Sanwatraj Lodha Polio Hospital at Udaipur. It is running under Narayan Seva Sansthan. This hospital is totally free for all the Polio patients (Free all type of Medicine, food and shelter for both the patienr and his/her attendant even.) His all the four sons also helped him in this sacred work.


Lodha Ratan Shri Kanakraj – Mumbai

            He is the real younger brother of Shri Chainraj Lodha. He is the most important personality of Bombay. He started business of Embroidary and became the top most embroidery business person of India and we can say even abroad. He takes keen interest in religious, welfare of general public and social works. He built a Temple and a well equipment Dharmshala at Palitana and Mumbai. He built a grand High school building at his native place Ghanerao, where free books and scholarship etc. are given to the needy students.

            There are more than 550 Lodha families in Bombay. They all are united under his leadership. Every year a grand Sammelan (Family get together) is organized after holiy in which every Lodha takes keen interest in its success.

A title of ‘Lodha Ratna’ was awarded to him  by all Lodha brothers. He also helped a lot for the development of his Kul-Devi Temple of Bhadana. Shri Badmata may bless him a long and happy life.


Lodha Ex. Chief Justice Chandmal

            In the lineage of Raja Chhajmal was shri Chandanmal Lodha. He had three sons, named Chandmal, Kalyanmal and Shrikishanmal. All these three brother are the Gems of Lodha fraternity.

Shri Chandmal born on 10-07-1918. He passed his law degree from Allahabad University with 1st Division and started practice in 1940. He was one of the most famous Advocate of Rajasthan High Court. He was also took law classes of Jodhpur university from 1947 to 1958. He was also a member of Law Board of the Government of India in 1957. He was appointed Justice of Rajasthan high Court on 10-07-1967. In July 1976 he was transferred to Madhya Pradesh High Court. He was promoted and transderred as the Chief Justice of Assam High Court on 6th July 1978. He was transferred to Jodhpur his native place as the Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court on 12th March 1979. He retired from the honorable post of Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court on 9th July 1980.


Lodha Prof. Dr. Kalyanmal

            He was bron on 18-09-1921. He is the younger brother of Ex. Chief Justice Shri Chandmalji Lodha. He was the Head of Hindi Department of Calcutta University and for some time the Vice-Chancellor of Jodhpur University. He wrote many literary books named ‘Babu Balmukand Gupta Ek Purvamulyankan’, ‘Kamayani Vivechan’, ‘History of Hindi Literature’, ‘Premchand Paricharcha’, ‘Pragya-Chakshu Soordas’. He was honoured by Bihari Purskar of 2002 and at many occasions.


Lodha Ex Justice Shri Shrikishanmal      

            He is the youngest brother of Ex. Chief Justice Shri Chandmalji Lodha. He passed M.A., LL.B. from the university of Lucknow and secured second position and started practice in the Rajsthan High Court. He was appointed as permanent Judge of RajasthanHigh Court on 01-05-1978. Earlier he was Advocate of Rajasthan High Court from 1948 to 30-04-1978. He retired on 27-06-1986.

            After retirement he was deputed as the President of State Commission, Consumer Protection, Rajasthan in 1988 and remained on the assignment till 1993.

            He was the member of Advisory Board constituted  under National Security Act for some years. During the period of his Judgeship he remain an Administrative Judge. He was Chairman of Rules Committee. In charge Chairman of Rajasthan Law Reports and High Court Library. He was also inspecting Judge of Judicial Courts.

He is also keenly interested in social and religious activities. He is the Patron, Akhil Bhartiya Jain Ratna Hiteshi Shravaksangh. He is the Patron of Vardhman Jain Relief Society, Jodhpur. He is the President of Vardhman Jain Hospital, Jodhpur. Oswal Kanya Shikshan Pracharini Sansthan, Jodhpur. He is the Chief Trustee of Shah Ganeshchand Hanwantchand Lodha Sewa Trust Jodhpur (A Charitable Trust).


Lodha Dr. Shri Surendramal

            He is son of Ex. Justice Shri Shrikrashanmal Lodha. He was born on 13-11-1944. He passed his M.B.B.S. and M.D. examinations and secured Gold Medals in both the examinations.

            He went to Daresalam the capital of Tanzania as a Senior Lecturer of the Medical College and passed 2 years there. Then he went to Tripole the Capital of Libia and worked there as the Professor of Medicine and Head of the Medical Department for 17 years.

            Now he is a Senior Physician. He has opened his own hospital at Delhi named ‘Lodha Medical Clinic’ and is also giving his services in many leading hospitals in Delhi and New Delhi.


Lodha Justice Shri Rajendramal

            He is son of Ex. Justice Shri Shrikishanmalji Lodha. He was born on 20-09-1949. He passed his B.Sc., LL.B. examination and practiced at the Rajasthan High Court for 21 years. He was appointed as Justice of Rajasthan High Court on 31-01-1994, and then transferred to the Bombay High Court, now he is the 5th Judge of Bombay High Court. He is known as Judge of Higher Cadre.


Lodha Ratna Shri Gumanmal

            He wasborn on 15-03-1926. He passed his Law examination and started legal practice in 1951. He was a freedom fighter and had been keenly interested in politics evensince his student life. He was a member of RSS. He was defeated in the election of MLA in 1962 and 1967, but was elected in 1972, and when he was elected the leader of Jansangh Party. He was elected President of the Bar Councila of Rajasthan High Court. He was appointed a judge of Rajasthan High Court. He worked as an acting Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court from Nov. 1985 to Agust 1986 and Oct. 1987 to 20th Feb. 1988. He founded the vinstitution ‘Lok Adalat’ which helped to give quick relief to the victims. He was promoted and transderred to the High Court of Assam as the Chief Justice on 26-02-1988.

            He is a good orator, and a successful politician, a good writer and a social worker. He has many publications in Hindi and English to his credit.

He defeated famous attorney Dr. Lakshmimal Singhvi of Congress Party in Pali Constituency in 1989 and became M.P. He again won the interim election of M.P. of 1991 and general election of 1996 from the Pali Constituency.

In this way Shri Lodha made a name in Politics as well as Judiciary. At present he had been the President of All India Animal Welfare Board since last six years. He was awarded the title of ‘Lodha-Ratna’ by the Lodha Bhaipa Sansthan.


Lodha Shri Yashroopmal – Indonesia

As sun rises in the East at a point and soon spreads over the whole world in the same way Mr Lodha was born in the Suncity jodhpur but the glory of his achievements has spread all over the world. He secure the degree of Chartered Accountants and went to Calcutta and joined the Birla Group. His officers were impressed, so he was transferred to Bombay and promoted to the post of the Director of the Bharat Commerce.

In 1972 Shri Ashok Birla sent him to Indonesia to establish a new Industry there in the year 1972. Within a short period, he established an industry at Surobhaya the Capital of Central Jawa. Which began to come out as a profitable proposition right from the beginning.

He became very famous in the industrial field of Indonesia. There was an American based industry in Jakarla, the capital of Indonesia. He took permission from Birlas and took the possession there of in 1976. It was a miracle that within a year it started to give profits.

Then he was transferred to India, when he received an invitation from a Singapour based industry to take over the charge of Bitra Tex as the President Director, so he went back once again to Indonesia and became an industrialist of Indonesia.

Mr. Lodha is not only a good industrialist but also has qualities of a noble manhood. He established ‘The Jaipur foot’ programme permanenty in Bitra Tex. Every year he calls the full team of doctors and assistants to equip the lame Indonesians with jaipur foot, Hundreds of Indonesians were benifited there by the president of Indonesia has visited his industry many times and has duly rewarded it on many occasions.

On the auspicious occasion of the 50th Independence day of Indonesia the Government honoured 50 industrials of which he was the seventh and the only foreigner.

He is the honourary Secretary (the highest post) of Indo-Indonesia Economic Co-operative Society & the Chairman of Australia – Indonesia Business Council, Central Java. He is the representative of Indonesia at the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries.  In this way he is an outstanding name in social, business, industrial and political field at national and international levels.


Lodha Dr. Mahaveermal – Jaipur

            He is son of Lodha Mohanmal. He passed M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. in hindi literature. He retired as the Senior Lecturer of Rajasthan University. After retirement he was the Principoal of a Girls College at Jaipur. He did a pioneering work when he wrote ‘Osvansh : Udhabhav and Vikash first Part, jain Mutt and Osvansh’. The material of this book was collected by his elder brother Shri Chanchalmal Lodha. Now its second and third parts are in the Press.


Lodha Dr. Rakshakmal

            He is osn of Late Shri Bastimalji Lodha. He is the Doctor in Naturopathy. He wrote books entitled ‘Nabhi-ke Uppar aur Niche’, ‘Mritu Bhaiy se Mukti’, ‘Youvan (The youth)’ and ‘Labh-shubh’ etc. He passed M.A. Economics and took the Diploma of Pharmacy and completed a course of Fengshui from USA. He cured a number of patients of various diseases in India and in America.


Dr. Mahendra ‘Madhup’

            Dr. Mahendra ‘Madhup’ (son of Late Shri Gyanmal Lodha) obtained his degree of Ph.d. on the topic ‘The Literary Journalism of Rajasthan’ from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He retired from the post of Joint director (Journalism, Rajasthan, Agriculture Marketing Board). He has given several programmes for last three decades on all India radio & Doordarshan in Rural and Agricultural activities. At present he is working as Honarary Editor of All India Monthly Journal ‘sharad Krishi’. Many institutions have honoured him for his services in the sphere of journalism from time to time.

Mrs. Nirmal ‘Madhup’ (wife of Dr. Mahendra ‘Madhup’) is having journalistic experience for last two decades and at present she is assisting as one of the Editor of ‘Sharad Krishi’ printed and published by CITA, New Delhi.


Lodha Dr. Sharatmal

            He is son of Shri Bastimal Lodha. He passed his M.B.B.S. and M.D. and went to Libia. Now he is working at Jodhpur.


Lodha Hemant - Nagpur

            He was on 12-06-1956. He passed his Charted Accounted examination and went to Indonesia as a commercial Manager in Indonesia. He served their for 11 years and reached unto the post of Vice President. He left Indonesia and return back to India. He traveled Indonesia, Shrilanka, Malesia, Thiland, china, Germany, Austrelia, Koria, singapour, England and Brazil. Now he is practicing of CA and management conceltent. He is the president of Lions Club of Nagpur MIDC and Joint Secretary of Mahaveer International.


Lodha Shri Mahendra – Jodhpur

            He is the son of Shri Ramraj Lodha. He is a well known social worker. He is the president of Lions Club West Jodhpur and regional Chairman of Lions Club. He was the General Secretary of Gita Bhawan, Jodhpur. He was the founder of Gita Bhawan Prachar Mandal, Jodhpur. He is the President of Charitable project society of Lions club, Shashtri Nagar, Jodhpur. Joint development Samiti and many other societies.

He was the President of Lodha (Oswal) Bhaipa Sansthan Jodhpur. There is a bus which is exclusively used to carry dead bodies to the cremation ground. Shri Yashoopmal Lodha of Indonesia had donated it, and Shri Mahendra Lodha is managing it. It is a very popular and Useful service for the general public of Jodhpur.


Lodha Shri Nemichand Bhagchand – Pune

            Shri Nemichand Lodha was eager to know about their Kuldevi. By the blessings of the Kuldevi Shri Chanchalmal Lodha came in his contract and not only informed him about the Kuldevi but also both of them started uniting the Lodhas from December 1982 to June 1992. Mr. Nemichand Lodha remains President of Lodha Bhaipa Sansthan and Shri Badmata Mandir Sansthan for many times.


Lodha Shri Narpatmal – Jodhpur

            He is a famous senior Advocate of Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur. He was director of RICO. He was President of Bar Association of High Court Jodhpur in 1990, and this year (2004) also. He was senior Government Advocate between 1978 to 1981. He is a National Executive Member of All India Advocates Association.


Lodha Salesh and Swati – Jodhpur

            He is a famous Hindi poet and very famous for conducting public forum. His famous show was ‘As evening with Salesh Lodha’ in U.S.A. his shows were organized at Shicago, Huston, New-York, Hyderabad, Calcutta and Delhi etc. Cities.

His wife Swati is also famous orator. She passed MBA Hon. In 1997. She was gold Medalist in B.A. Hon. She is director of SWASH. The examination sorganised by Swash are recognized by America.


Lodha Shri Madanlal – Daulatgarh                 

            He was the Present of Jain Swetamber Terapanth Sabha. Daulat Garh for the last 10 years. Now he is the president of Anuvrat Samiti, Daulatabad.


Lodha Shri Parasmal – Gulabpura

            He was Lecturer of History. He was secretary of Jain Swetamber Terapanth Sabha for last 15 years. He was also Railway Sangharsh Samiti. He was the person who was able to get the temperory post of railway booking agent cancelled and to get it rendered as permanent Railway Booking office at Gulabpura.


Lodha Dr. Lakshmilal Chitoregarh

            Dr. Lakshmilal Lodha passed his M.Sc., Ph.d. he wrote a book on Electro-magnetism, which was published by the Rajasthan Granth Academy. He goes to the villages to perform Parjushan festival ceremonies where there are no Jain monks present.


Lodha Shri Kishanlal – Chennai

            He is the Chairman of Chennai Citi Police Vizilance Committee, and Lodha (Oswal) Bhaipa Sansthan Programme Committee of Chennai. He is also the Chirman of Madras Pawn Broker Association and many other Societies.


Lodha Shri Bastimal Bhabhutmal – Chennai

            80 years old Shri Bastmal Lodha is resident of Guda Endla (Pali) He constructed the building of Bhabhootmal Shivlal Government Middle School and handed it over to the Government to be run by them. He also built a Jain temple of Lord Sambhavnath at Vyasarvadi Chennai and handed it over to the Jain Sangh. He is also President of many societies.


Lodha Shri Raj – Udaipur

            He was born on 15-08-1940. He is the Managing partner of Cotton product of India and Udaipur Surgical. He is the President of Lodha (Oswal) Bhaipa Sansthan Udaipur. He is also connected with Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti since 1980.


Lodha Shri Prasannmal – Pilva          

            Shri Prasannmal Lodha FCA of Pilva had been a Senior President of many industries of Birla’s for 20 years. Now he is retired and is running his own industry.

            He has great faith in his family Kul Devi Shri Bad Mata. He took charge of its resurrection in his hand. The work is going on. At present he is  the President of Shri Badmata Mandir Sansthan also.

Lodha Shri Phoolchand Mungeli (Chhatisgarh)         

            He became member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh at the age of 11 years. He remain Sangh Sanchalak of Mungeli tehsil for many years. He entered politics in 1951. He was elected member of the Mungali Municipaliyt in 1958 and MLA of MP in 1977.

He is connected with and holding high posts in many social and political societies. He is also running more than 50 schools of Kavardha district. He also arranges health clubs in the rural and backward areas of his district.


Lodha Shri Manoharsingh Nimach

            He is a active social worker of Nimach. He is the president of Jain Samaj Nimach, and Raj Bhasha Sangharsh Samiti and District President of M.P. Natural Clinic Parishad and secretary of Parshvanath Jain Shevetamber Murti Pujak Trust of Nimach.


Lodha Smt. Yashvantkumari – Tanda (Dhar)

            She is wife of shri Kanakmal Lodha. She was originally resident of Gundoj (Pali). She has been residing in Tanda for a long time. She is a Journalist connected with Daily Bhashkar, Life member of Indian Red Cross Society. General Secretary of Dhar District Journalist Sangh and advisor of Kukshi Tehsil Journalist Sangh.


Lodha Shri Gautam – Kanpur

            He is General Secretary of Jain Shevetamber Sthanaakvasi ‘Sangh’ and Jain Bhawan Khova Bazar, Kanpur.


Lodha Shri Ambalal – Nathdwara

            He is the Municipal Corporator and Public Relation officer of Mandir Board, Nathdwara, Chairman of Loins club (ZONE) and Convenor of Mahaveer Jain Navyuvak Mandal in Nathdwara.


Lodha Shri Fatehlal – Nathdwara

            He is President of Narayan Seva Santhan, NAthdwara, and Lodha Bhaipa Sansthan Nathdwara. Assistant Secretary of All India Shvetamber Sthanakvasi Jain Conference of Udaipur Division.


Lodha Col. Shri Abhay – Udaipur

            Shri Abhay Lodha is Col. in the Indian Army. He is Engineer. He had won the National Roping Chempionship. Now he is Brigade Commander at Merath.


Lodha Shri Narendra – Kota

            He is resident of Kekri, but his residence is in Kota. He is the General Secretary of Oswal Samaj Kota and Secretary of Lodha Bhaipa Sansthan Kota.


Lodha Shri Subhashchandra – Pali

            He has been in politics from last 25 years. He was member of Zila Parishad. Now he is the District General Secretary (Sangathan) of Bhartiya Janta Party.


Lodha Dr. Ashok Kumar Jain – Pune

            Dr. Lodha is M.B.B.S., H.E.H. His clinic is in Hadapsar. He is the treasurer of HAdapsar Medical Association. He is doing many social services with in this Association. He is giving free medical assistance in the rural areas. He held a camp for 25 days in Gujrat for the relief at the time of Earth-quake.


Lodha Shri Babulal Lalchand – Nasik

            He is originaly resident of Madalia district Nagaour, and residing at Nasik for many years. He is the president of Jain Boarding Nasik.


Lodha Shri Shantilal Lalchand – Nasik

            He is younger brother of Shri Babulal Lodha. He is the President of Lodha Bhaipa Sansthan Nasik. And Executive member of Shri Badmata Mandir Sansthan, Bhandana (Nagour Raj). He donated a generator to the Badmata Temple Bhadana. And active worker of the Mandir Sansthan.


Lodha Shri Inderchand – Mamlam (Chennai)

            He is the Joint Secretary of S.S. Jain Sangh Madras and Rajasthan Jain Samaj Chennai.


Lodha Shri B. Kantilal – Chennai

            He is the Chairman of Police Visilance Crime of Chennai. Are member of Lodha Bhaipa Sansthan and Jain Samaj Madras.


Lodhas Shri Tejraj – Chennai

            He is the President of S.S. Jain Samaj Vyasarvadi Chennai.


Lodha Shri Dharamchand – Chennai

            He is the Director of Dharmesh Group of Companies Madras. He had donated a large sum for the resurrection of the Badmata Temple of Bhadana (Nagour).


Lodha Shri Dashrathmal

            He was born on 31-10-1929 at Jodhpur. He is Law Graduate. He started his legal practice in 1956. He was Vice President of the Lodha Oswal Bhaipa Sansthan. He is the Truster of Shri Bhadana Jain Trust.


Lodha Shri Puranmal – Mysore      

            He was originally resident of Pisangaon (Ajmer). He is very active person of social and religious services of Mysore. He is one of the founder of Lodha Bhaipa Sansthan of Karnatak Branch at Bangalore.


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Kul Devi:

Jagat Bhawaani Shree Badwasana Maata

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Location of Temple