Gotra Malu is a sub-gotra of the Gotra Daga. Maheshwari Rathi Maldave was the Minister of Ratanpur State. His son Roopdave was suffering from hemiplegia. Maldave requested the Acharya to cure him. Acharya pitied the child and uttered some mantras. The boy got rid of the trouble. Maldave accepted the Jainism and became oswal. His family was named Malu. Rathi Maldeo was the Minister of the King of Ratanpur. His son was suffering from hemophilia. When Acharya Shri Jindutt suri arrived in Ratanpur. Maldeo went to the Acharya and requested him to cure his son. Acharya cured his son by the medicine and mantras. Mahaldeo was astonished and accepted Jainism and converted himself an Oswal. His gotra was named Malu.

Acharya Shri Jinpal Suri was of Malu gotra.               



            Acharya Shri Jinpati Suri was of Malu family. He was the deciple of Acharya Shri Manidhari Jinchandra Suri.


Malu Seth Manikchandji – Shivni

            He was born in v.1941. He was honourary Magistrate of shivni, and member f Municipality and District Council. He was the founder presidet of Shri Jain Oswal Cooperative fund of M.P. and Barar. He managed Jain School and Jain Temple.


Malu Seth Kaluramji – Madras

            He built a Jain Temple of Lord Chandraprahu at Vepari Sule (Madras) in V. 1930.

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