It is a sub-Gotra of Sankhlecha. The great grand son of Kochar Shah was Talansee or Tallaji. He was a resident of Agra. He was Mahadani. He was a Jeweler of Mumbai so he was named Mamiya or Mumbaiya. Emperoro Allauddin Khiljee decided to finish the cow sect and started destroying the Temple at that time on the request of the Hindus Seth Talansee made a treaty with Allaudeen Khiljee to stop it. He paid Ruppes Twelve and Half Lacks to him and secured order not to kill any cow in whole country. If any person will not obey it then he will be panelized sentenced till death. After this there was famine of three years. Seth Tansee donated lacks of rupees to relief of it. Emperor Allaudeen Khiljee honoured Tanjee with the title of ‘Mumaiya Naresh’ and ‘Gopala’.

            It is also daid that Mammaiya is a sub-gotra of Sankhlrcha Kuldevi of this gotra is Ashapura Mataji of Nadol.


Mamiya Dhanroopmalji

            He was great grandson of Seth Talansee. He was very rich person. Moolchand Dhanroopmal was the brand name of his foreign trade. In India he had 52 shops at Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Ujjain, Delhi, agra, Jaisalmer, surat, Jaipur etc. The Head office was in Bombay. He was the resident of Lakhankotri Ajmer. There were any rich Oswal families in Lakhankotri, but he was the richest.


Mamiya Nagarseth Beghmalji – Ajmer

            He was son of Seth Dhanroopmalji. He developed his parental business. Mughal Emperor, King of Kota and other states honoured him with Jagirs, Gold, Elephant, Palki and Siropav a well. It is said that the well was, in fact, his treasure room.

            He used to donate a lot of money to the temple & churches and a very valuable Chaddar was presented to the Khwaja Sahib Ki Dargaha. He secured the order to keep all the shelter houses closed during the period of Paryushan festival. A grand feast was organized after Paryushan for all the Jains in Ajmer Dadavadi. Many prominent Hindus, the British Commissioner and even Imam of Dargaha was also invited in this feast. He used to give loans to Oswals without interest. A free hospital was open for the general public. It was the duty of the doctor to go to the house of any patient free of cost.

He built a Jin temple of Lord Aadinath on Shatrunjaya Tirth in v. 1910 near Hirbhai ki Toonk. At its opening he arranged a Sangh from Ajmer.

When last Mughal Emperor Bahadurshah Jaffar arrived at ajmer to worship Dargaha, he presented five thousand gold coins with valiable jewels to him. In return Mughal Emperor presented him an expensive Shawl and unique cup-plate of marble to seth Baghmalji, which is still lying with his family. It is the speciality of this cup plate that if poison is mixed in the drink, its colour will change.

At the time of the revolution (Gaddar), when decoits looted, the Ajmer Commissioner and burnt English soldiers. He gave shelter to English ladies and children. He saved them and sent them safely to Delhi under the security of his army. He had no son, so he adopted Rajmalji.


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