Manak Shree Bheemsee – Bombay

            Manek Bheemsee was a Lagu Oswal (Dassa). He was born in village Manjalrel of Diya. He started business by name ‘Kunwarji Bheemsee’


There is nothing wonderful in my saying that “Jainism was in existence long before the Vedas were composed”. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.

“The religion of very ancient predynastic Egypt. Supported to be lakha of years old, also appears to be a quite akin to Jainism.” Dr. Robert Churchwell.

He then started publication work. He studied old hand written books written on the leafs of toddal tree and after translating he publish that in ‘Prakarn Ratnakar’ part one. In V. 1932 then he published about 300 books. Rai Bahadur Laxmipatsingh also helped him.


Manihani Lala Motilalji – Siyalkot

            He was Patron of Jain Girls School Siyalkot. He had five sons named Jangilal, Manoharlal, Shadilal, Kapoorchand and Chhotelal.


Manihani Lala Hansrajji – Siddhora (Punjab)

            He was born in V. 1956. He was Viuce chairman of Municipality. Honorary Secretary of Hindi High School and Girls School ector of Shakti Insurance Company.


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