Memaiya is the sub-gotra of Sankhlecha. The great grand son of Kocharshah was Talanseeji (Tallaji). He was a famous charitable person of Agra. His main business was of diamond and precious stones in Bombay and abroad.

Allauddin Khilji decided to finish cow breed in India and destroyed a number of temples, at that time. He was the person who did treaty with Allauddin Khilji against the payment of twelve and half lacks of rupees and took order to close all the slaughter houses in India. In this order it was clearly mentioned that the defaulter will be sentenced to death. It was a wonderful achievement. At the time of three years of famine he spent lacks of rupees for the general public. Emperor Allauddeen Khilji honoured him and ‘Gopala’ and presented Siropav, Jagirs and permission to have a seat in the Royal-court.

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