Sub-gotra of Mithadia are Tatol. Parmar, Gokhri, Devanandsakha, Devani, Tallani, Bharani, Sakhani and Bohara.

            Anchal Gachhacharya Shri Arya Rakshit Suri arrived in city of Surpattan of Parkar Sate in Sindh province. At that time there was a nuisance in the whole city created by a Yaksh. The disease of apoplexy spread all over the city. The king made all the efforts to get rid of the disease but in vain. The Minister Dharan of king Mahipal was the follower of the Achrya, so he requested the king to go to the Acharya. He also said that this Acharya had wonderful powers of miracles. The King went to the Acharya with his Minister and requested him to maintain peace in the city. If this happened, then they will act according to the instructions of the acharya.

            Acharya gave initiated water to the king and said to the king to sprinkle it all over the

city. It was a miracle that the nuisance of the yaksh was over, and the disease vanished.

            King went to the Acharya with the wealth, and precious stones for presentation.Acharya Refused to accept this wealth, but King and Dharn built a Jain temple of Lord Shantinath. The king and many other persons accepted Jainism and converted themselves into Oswals. Prince Dharmadas married the daughter of Dharan.

            Acharya named the gotras of all the new Shravaks. The family of the king was named Mithadia, and rests of the gotras were named according to their names or castes. It is also said that Gotra Mithadia is a sub gotra of Banthia.


Mithadia Bohra Megha Shah

In V. 1470 Shah Megha created Jain Tirth of Lord Godi Parshvanath by the inspiration of Acharya Shri Merutung Suri.

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