According to ‘Mahajan Vansh Muktavali’ Yati Ramlalji wrote the story of gotra Mohnot as under –

Rao Raipal of Khed (Kishangarh) had 12 sons out of them Mohanji and Panchiseeji left Khed and settled at Jaisalmer. Ravalji of Jaisalmer honoured them. Jaisalmer Diwan was Shrimal Jain. He gave his daughter in marriage to Mohanji, when he converted him self and became Oswal Jain.

Mohanji had two wives, one was Rajput and the other was Shrimal. The family of Rajput wife was named Mohania Rathore and family of Shrimal wife was named Mohnot. Family of Panchiseeji was named Pincha. It is also said that Mohnot and Pincha are the last gotras in the history of Oswals.

According to the Khyat of Mohonot, the story of origin of Mohnot is different. One day Mohanji went for hunting in the Jungle. There he shot a pregnant hind. At the time of death the hind gave birth to a deer. It started to drink milk of his mother. When Mohnji saw this critical scene, his heart melted. By chance Acharya Shivsenji was passing through that way, Mohnaji requested the Acharya, “sir, if you give the life to this dead hind by means of your Mantras, I would be much obliged. I will remain in your orders in future.”

When Acharya gave the life to that hind by chanting Mantras. Mohanji became disciple of the Acharya, and converted himself to an Oswal. His gotra was named Mohnot.

According to Raibahadur Gaurishankar Hirachad Ojha, the origin of gotra Mohnot is from the pedigree of Rathore Rao Sihanji the king of Mandore. Mohan was son of Rampal, Rampal was son of Dhuhad, Dhuhad was son of Aaspal and Aaspal was son of Sihanji. From this pedigree there was one more branch, which is called Mohaia Rathore. Mohan accepted Jainism in the old age, so his pedigree was Jain. They got mixed with Oswals. The younger brother of mohan was Subharsen. His 19th descendants were Jaimal. Mohnots were on high posts at the time of Maharaja Soorsingh and Gajsingh. They had been Ministers since 1696. He had five sons, named Nensee, sunderdas, Aaskaran, Narsinghdas and Jagmal.

According to the KHYAT of Rathores, king of Marwar Kidnaped Mangabudh and converted him Charan, so for taking revenge Raval of Jaisalmer married the daughter of his Shrishrimal Minister to the mohanji, and converted Mohanji into Oswal caste.

Hence, it is proved that the origin of gotra Mohnot is from Mohanji Rathore, but how he got converted as Mahajan is controversial.



Jain Sant : Bhudharji

            On Asoj Shukla 10th of V. 1712 wife of Shri Manakchand Mohnot gave a birth to a son named Bhoodharji. He was a brilliant and very brave warrior, so king of Jodhpur appointed him a military officer and posted at Sojat. There he married Kanchanbai daughter of Dali Ratadia Mutha.

            In those days the terror of dacoits reined the region of Sojat. Bhudharji became successful in destroying the dacoits and maintaining law and order. In V.1740 a huge dacoit party attacked Sojat. He fought bravely and won the battle but his camel was wounded seriously. Bhudharji could not tolerate camel’s agonizing pain. This occurrence made him monastic. He thought of renouncing the world. He immediately resigned the services and took Diksha at the hands of Pujya Dhannji in V.1751. He became Acharya in V. 1780. One day he was taking sun-bath in the noon of summer in his penance. A villager thought that he was tieing the rain so he attacked him with his axe on his head. Immediately the devotees brought Bhudharji in the Upashra and gave medical relief. Police arrested the culprit. When Acharya Bhudharji came to know that the villager was arrested, he went on strike, till the culprit was not discharged. Acharya died on Asoj shukla 7th of V. 1804.


Upadhyaya Shri Dharnendra Sagarji Maharaj

            He was born on Asoj Shukla 14th of 1994 at Jodhpur. His father was Shri Hukamrajji Mohnot. His name was Shankar Raj Mohnot. He renounced the world and took Diksha on Jesth Krashna 5th 2017 at Merta from the Acharya Shri Padma Sagarji and was named Muni Dharnendra Sagarji.


Muni Shri Rajhansh Vijayaji

            He was born on Posh Shukla 7th 2028. His father was shri Hanshraj Mohnot. He got his primerary education at Bombay. He got Diksha at Sanchor on 9th March 1989 from Acharya shri Rajendra Suriji.


Panyas Dharnendra Sagarji Maharaj

            Saubhagyadevi wife of Shri Hansraj Mohnot gave a birth to a child dineshkumar on Posh shukla 7th of V. 2028 at Sanchor. Dineshkumar passed his childhood in Bombay. He passed 9th class in Bombay and renounced the world at the age of 16 and took Diksha from Acharya Shri Rajendra Surishwarji Maharaj on Falgun Shukla 2 of V. 2045.


Muni Shankar Rajji

            Muni Shankarrajji was son of Shri Hukamrajji Mohnot. His mother was Rajkanwar. He was born on 14th day of Asoj Shukla of V. 1994 at Jalore. He was an Inspector in Maleria department. He renounced the world at the age of 24 and took Diksha from Acharya Padma Sagarji on the 5th day of first Jesth Krishna of 2017 at Merta. He was promoted to the post of Gyani in V. 2018.


Sadhvi Shri Kundanprabhaji

            Her father was shri Keshrichand Mohnot of Udiasar. She took Diksha from Acharya Shri Tulsi.


Sadhvi Shri Sheelvardhanji

            She was born on Asoj Shula 8th of 2028. Her father was Shri Champalal Mohnot. She got Diksha on 9-03-1989 at Sanchor from Sadhvi Shri Surya Prabha Shriji.


Arya Dharm Shreeji

            Smt. Dhapubai was daughter of Laduramji Mohnot and wife of Mishrilalji Golechha of Phalodi. She took diksha under Arya Shri Harishreeji Maharaj in V. 1976 in Khartar Gachh. After Diksha her name became Arya Dharm Shreeji.


Arya Shri Sheel Vardhana Shreeji

            Smt. Patasidevi wife of Shri Champalalji Mohnot gave birth to a daughter named Savita. She renounced the world on Falgun Shukla 2en of V. 2045 and took Diksha under Acharya Shri Kanakprabh Suriji Maharaj. Her new name became Sheelvardhanshreeji Maharaj.


Arya Sheelratna Shreeji Maharaj

            Smt. Motidevi wife of Shri Lovaliji son of Hothji Mohnot gave birth to a daughter Mafiben of Margsheesh 7th of v.2013 at Sanchor. She renounced the world on Posh shukla 10th of V. 2031 at the age of 16 and took Diksha under Acharya Shree Kanakprabh Surishwarji Maharaj. Her new name was Sheel Ratna Shriji Maharaj.


Mohnot Shri Sapatsenji

            He was son of Mohanji. He was Pradhan of Rao Kanhpalji in V. 1371.


Mohnot diwan Jaimal Jesavat

            Jaimalji was son of a famous warrior Achlaji and grandson of Jesaji. He was born on V. 1638. He married twice. His first wife was Swaroopde daughter of shri Lalchand Mutha and second wife was Suhagde daughter of shri Shri Biradmal Singhvi. Shri Nensee, sundersee and Aaskaran were sons of Swaroopde and Narsinghdas was son of Suhagde.

            Jaimalji was a great warrior. He was very courageous, extremely charitable, religious and a man of action. Savai Raja Soorsinghji appointed him Subhedar of Badnagar in V.1671-1672. In the same year Raja Gajsinghji got Phalodi district in his Jagir, so Gajsinghji transferred him to Phalodi. At this time Mughal Emperor awarded Phalodi in Jagir to Maharaja Soorsinghji, therefore both the Maharaja of Jodhpur and Bikaner went to take possession of Phalodi. At this critical time Jaimalji played a diplomatic role and returned the army of Bikaner peacefully. He told to Maharaja Bikaner, “Mughal emperor Wants that you both the brothers kept on fighting so that he may send his army and take possession of your states and both of you may thereby become homeless”.

            In V. 1677 Maharaja Gajsinghji got the district of Jalore in his possession, so Gajesinghji transferred him to Jalore and put Jalore in his charge. At Jalore he defeated the army of Biharies and also took possession of Jalore Fort (Swarngiri). Maharaja Gajsinghji was much pleased and awarded Jalore Haveli, Garden, Nohara and two farms to Jaimalji.

            In V. 1679 Maharaja Gajsinghji got possession of Sanchor, so Maharaja Gajsinghji appointed Jaimalji as Hakim (Administrative and Judicial Head) of Sanchor. At that time 5000 Kachhies attacked Sanchor. Jaimalji defeated them bravely.

In V. 1683 Maharaj Kumar Amarsingh ji became incharge of Nagour at that time Amarsinghji appointed Jaimalji as Hakim of Nagour. In V. 1684 Jaimal ji took possession of Barmer and defeated Soorchand. Raudada and Mevasa and collected fine from them.

In V. 1686 Maharaja Gajsinghji promoted Jaimalji to the High post of Diwan and honoured him.

He took great interest in religious works also like building. Built a Jain temple of Lord Mahaveer at Sanchor in V. 1681, resurrection of Jain temples at Marwar. Mewar and Gujrat. In Jalore, Jain temples were destroyed by Muslims, so he rejuvenated them in V. 1681. In addition to these he rendered a lot of service for Jainism at Palitana. Jodhpur, Merta Phalodi and Nadole.


Mohnot Nensee

            Mohnot Nensee was born on 09-11-1610. His father Jaimalji was Diwan of Jodhpur State. In the childhood he travelled at many places with hos father, so he was able to get the primary education of Politics and administration in the childhood itself. He was fond of using of arms and ammunitions Horse riding, army organization etc.

            On 13-10-1637 he was appointed Hakim of Phalodi to maintain peace and law & order there. He was transferred to other districts also. He was also took active part in the war with Maharaja Jaswantsinghji in South India.

            When he was posted as the administration head of Jodhpur State, he made many reforms and expanded the capital of the State. His good work created many enemies. They blamed Maharaja Jaswantsinghji for certain things so Nensee and his brother Sunderseeji were arrested. Without hearing them the king imposed a fine of Rs. One Lac on them. They refused to pay the fine. Nensee committed suicide in the prison. At the time of suicide Nensee wrote a couplet which was as under :-

Lakh lakhara nipje, ne bad papal rid al,

Natio Mutho Nensee Tambo de na Talak.

            Mohnot nensee wrote two historical books named, “Mutha Nensee Ri Khyat” and “Marwar Re Paragna Re Bigat”. In these books he had depicted the history and political situation of Rajputana including that of Bundelkhand and Gujrat. These books give us a detailed description of rise and fall of the states, Capture of Rajput states by Muslims, was systems of Rajputs. Secret services of the states. Economican tax systems, social religious and cultural system, Change of religion, Religious faiths and superstitions etc. In addition to this geographical situation of the states (Mountains, rivers, Tanks, population, census) are also depicted n these books.

            According to the “Marwar re Pargna ri Vigat” Marwar was divided in seve districts named Jodhpur. Sojat, Jaitaran, Merta, sivana and Pokaran. There were 2245 villages in these seven districts. The history of Rathores is also given in detail and in due order.

It is astonishing how he collected so much information even amids his busy duties. He was a warrior of merit, good administrator, politician, historian, a poet, a writer and had so many qualities. He was so wesatile.


Mohnot Shri Sunderseeji

            He was brother of Nenseeji and third son of Jaimalji. He was born on Chaitra Shukla 8th 1668. He was Private Secretary of Maharaja Jashvantsinghji in V. 1711 to 1723.

            In 1723 Maharaja sent his army of 6915 soldiers under two commanders. First was Rathore Lakhdheer and second was Sunderseeji. Sunderseeji possess 3372 soldiers. The army of Maharaja became victorious. In V. 1720 Maharaja sent his army to fight for the Emperor with Shivaji Maharaj. Sundersee was the Commander. He was in the first rank in fighting. He was wounded at this time. In this way he fought many times and got success.


Mohnot Rao Suratramji

            He was a famous warrior of the Mohnot family. His father could not get the apportunity of Government Service, so he left Jodhpur and went to Nagour. Nagour Maharaj Bakhatsinghji appointed him initially on the post of a clerk in Kotwali and then promoted him to the post of Commander of his army.

            When Mahuraja Bakhatsinghji became Jodhpur Maharaja at that time Surat Ramji came with him from Nagour. Here also he was the Commander and was awarded the estate of Padlau and Lunavas. Palkhi and Soiropav. In v. 1820 he was promoted Diwan of Jodhpur.

In 1822, when Udavats revolted, he defeated them and captured their all the property. Maharaja was pleased and honoured him again.

In 1830 he was promoted to be a Musahib, was given the title of Rao, and awarded an elephant, Palki, Siropav, Kada Kanthi, Sirpech of diamonds and necklace of pearl and a jagir of few villages. He was the only person who was also honoured on death by the Maharaja. When his wife burnt herself willingly at the funeral pyre of her husband, Maharaja ordered the discharge 4 prisoner in his honour. Maharaj himself came to the house of Raosahib for condolence.

He was such an honoured person that Maharaja of Bundi stands up when he arrived. Bikaner Maharaja also embraces him when he meet him all Maharaja of Jaisalmer. Krashangarh, Indore and Gwalior called him ‘Thakuran Divan rao Suratramji’.


Mohnot Sangram singhji

            Emperor Aurangazeb became happy at the murder of Maharaja Jaswantsinghji and declared Jodhpur as the Khalsa Land (without a proprietor). At this critical time many faithful warriors of Marwar fought with the Mughal army and got success. Prince Amarsingh was declared the Maharaja of Marwar.

            Maharaja Ajitsingh called Mohnot Sangramsingh and Sanwatsingh from Kishangarh. Sangramsingh Mohnot was appointed Hakim (Administrative and Judicial head) of Maroth, Parbatsar and 5 districts. Through that time only Jalore, sivana and Sanchor was in the possession of Maharaja Ajitsinghji.

            Sangramsingh was a scholor of Persian and Rajastani. He wrote a book in Persian named ‘Akhlak-Al-Mahasani’ and translated in Rajasthani named ‘Niti-Prakash’. He used many phrases in ‘Niti-Shashtra’. He expired in V. 1789.


Mohnot Seth Jivandasji

            Emperor Aurangabad sent Jodhpur Maharaja JAswantsingh to fought a war in Davegarh (Mewar). Seth Harjimal ji was in charge of Pune business, and died there in V. 1854. The business of the Seth family was in Bombay also. Seth Harjimal ji had two son’s named Ramdasji and Lichhmandasji. Seth Ragunathji adopted Ramdasji.


Mohnot shri Khetsinghji

            In V. 1454 he arrived Marwar with Rao Chundaji. He helped a lot to Rao Chundaji in the establishment of Mandovar the previous capital of Marwar.


Mohnot shri Mehrajji

            He was            the Pradhan of Rao Jodhaji. He built his Mohnot house near the fort of Jodhpur in V. 1526.


Mohnot Shri Achlaji

            He was son of Sujaji. When Rao Chandrasenji left Marwar and started living in the forest of Sivana in V.1626, in city Murada in V.1631 and in Sirohi. All the time he accompanied him. In V. 1635 he died while fighting with the Mughals.


Mohnot Raoji Suratramji

            He was son of Bhagvatsinghji. He was commander of Marwar in V. 1808. Maharaja of Jodhpur pleased with his services and awarded Jagirs of Rekh and Parlu, and post of Diwan in V. 1822 he defeated Dakshini Khanu and seized all the belongings of the enemy. In the way Sardar Mohansingh attacked on the army of Suratramji. But defeated suratramji collected fine. Maharaja was much pleased with him. At this time Maharana Rajsinghji expired and Arsinghji set on the throne of Mewar, but he was unsafe so he demanded the help from Marwar. He offered the Province of Godvad against the success. Maharaja sent Rao Suratramji to help the Mewar. Suratramji got success and Godvad became a part of Marwar state. At Desuri, Maharanaji and Maharajaji met each other in V. 1830. Maharajaji honoured Suratramji with the title of ‘RAO’


Mohnot Shri Karamseeji

He was the eidest son of Mehta Nenseeji .He was born on Baishakh Shukla 2nd 1690. In v.1718 Karamseeji was with maharaja jasvantsinghji in Gujrat, at that time Maharaja got the District of Hansi and Hissar, instead of Gujrat. Maharaja Jasvantsinghji appointed Governor of Hansi and Hissar to Shri Karamseeji. He managed Hansi and Hissar till V. 1723.

In v. 1727 when Nensee and Sundersee were died at that time, he thought that there may come trouble to him so he went to Nagour (at that time nagour was an independent saperate state.). Rajaji the King of Nagour appointed him his Diwan and honoured him with the Jagir. In V. 1972 he was murdered by a conspiracy with his many family members.


Mohnot Thakur Sawairamji

            He was the eldest son of suratramji. He was appointed Prime Minister after the death of  Sawairamji in V. 1831. In V. 1849 there arosr a dispute between Maharaja Gajrajsingh of Bikaner with his prince . On the request of the Bikaner Maharaja Gajrajsinghji,. Maharaja of jodpur ordered Sawairamji to go to Bikaner and settle the metter. He got success.          


Mohnot Diwan Gyanmalji

            He was born on Chaitra Krashna 12th 1816. Roopnagar was a part of Marwar but was in the possession of the king of Kekdi, so Singhi Akshayadasji, Bhandari Gangaramji and Mohnot Gyanmalji were sent with the army to take possession of Roopnagar. The war continued for 7 months. After all Army of Jodhpur took the possession. Maharaja Roopsinghji excepted the defeat and agreed to pay Rs. 3 lacs to the Maharaja of Jodhpur in the open court of Jodhpur after doing ‘Mujra’.

In V.1847 Sindhia attacked Marwar at that time Maharaja ordered Gyanmalji. Singhvi Bhivrajji, Kocharmehta Suryamalji, Lodha Sahasmalji and Bhandari Gangaramji to defeat the anemy. A furious war was fought at Merta in V. 1847. Sindhia army was commanded by the French commander D. Boaine well equipped with the modern arms and ammunations, where armies of Jodhpur were having old weapons. Tough Jodhpur army was defeated even then commander D. Boaine praised and impressed with the courage of the Jodhpur Army. After defeat Governemnt of Jodhpur agreed to perform a treaty with Sindhyas. Jodhpur State agreed to pay a fine of Rs. 60 lacs (some in cash and rest in the form of Jagirs and warriours).

In V. 1860 Maharaja Bhimsinghji expired at that time Mohnot Gyanmalji also took an important role for making Mansinghji the king of Jodhpur. For this Maharaja Mansinghji gave him many letters and post of Musahib and Jagirs.

In V. 1861 when Shekhavats looted Didvana and took possession at that time Mohnot Gyanmalji defeated them and not only took possession of Didvasna but also seized their village Shahpura also. Maharaja was pleased and honoured him. In this way he played an important role in the history of Masrwar.


Mohnot Shri Navalmalji

            He was only son of Gyanmalji. He was also a warrior like his father. He was born on V. 1936. He won Sirohi in V. 1861 and hosted fleg of Marwar.


Mohnot Shri Ramchandraji – Kishangarh

            Maharaja Soorsinghji allotted a Jagir of 13 villages to his younger brother Shri Krashnasinghji. Krishnasinghji created a new city named Krashangarh which is now named Kishangarh. Mohnot Ramchandraji was the chief Minister of Kishangarh State. He built a Jain Temple of Lord Chintamani Parshvanath in Kishangarh.


Mohnot Shri Vradhmanji – Kishangarh

He was Prime Minister of Maharajas Mansinghji of Kishangarh.


Mohnot Shri Krashandasji – Kishangarh

            He was the Chief Minister of Maharaja Krashansinghji of Kishangarh by the orders of Maharaja, he used to live in the court of Emperor Aurangajeb. In V. 1756 when Abdullahakhan attacked Kishangarh at that time he defeated him.


Mohnot Shri Aaskaranji – Kishangarh

            In V.1765 he was appointed Diwan of Maharaja Rajsinghji of Kishangarh.


Mohnot Shri Ramchandraji – Kishangarh

            He was Son of Mohnot Aaskaramji. In V. 1781 he was appointed Diwan of Maharaja Bahadursinghji of Kishangarh.


Mohnot Shri Devichandji – Roopnagar

            He was son of Mohnot Aaskaranji. He was Diwan of Maharaja Roopnagar.


Mohnot shri Chainsinghji – Kishangarh

            He was son of diwan Devichandji. He was Diwan of Maharaja Pratapsinghji of Kishangarh.


Mohnot shri Karansinghji – Kishangarh

            He was son of Chainsinghji. He was Diwan and Minister of Kishangarh State from 1861 to 1877.


Mohnot shri Mokhamsinghji – Kishangarh

            He was son of Mehta Karansinghji. He was Diwan of Kishangarh State from 1896 to 1908.


Mohnot Shri Hathisinghji – Kishangarh

            He was son of Mohnot Ramchadraji. In V. 1831 he was appointed diwan of Maharaja Bahadursinghji. His brother Baghsinghji was the Commander of the army of Kishangarh. His family is known as Hatisinhot – mohnot.


Mohnot Shri Shivdasji – Jaipur

            In v.1887 he was Diwan of Maharaja Kalyansinghji of Jaipur.


Mohnot Rai-Bahadur Vijaysinghji – Jodhpur

            He was son of Mehta Karansinghji of Kishangarh. He was born on Pos Krashna 5th 1863. In V. 1887 Maharaja Bhimnathji of Kishangarh introduced him with Maharaja of Jodhpur. Maharaja called him at Jodhpur. He settled at Jodhpur. In V.1888 Bagdi Thakur Jaitsingh and Shivnathsingh revolt so Maharaja semt Vijaisinghji with his army. Maharaja was pleased with the bravery of Vijaysinghji and hence honoured him with the Jagir of village Arsalai of Jaitaran. He fought many wars ans showed his ability. Maharaj of Jodhpur pleased and appointed him on the post of Diwan in 1908 and estatesetc. Jodhpur Maharaja and even British officers were pleased with him  and they praised him many times. Political Agent F.F. Nikson wrote that “He is a wise and a boble person. He has the complete knowledge of Marwar.”

            In V. 1928 2nd of shri Joravarsingh revolt and took possession of Khatu. Aagunta and Harsolav in possession from the Thakur of Nagour, so Mehta Vijaysinghji surrounded the fort of Nagour. In the mean time his Highness and Political Agent came and tried to understand the prince Joravarsingh was produced before the King and Mehtaji attacked Khatu. Thakur of Khatu afraid and run away. Maharaja Rakhatsinghji was pleased and deputed Mehtaji on the post of Diwan. Maharaja Jasvantsinghji set on the throne on V. 1929. He also honoured Diwan Mehta Vijaysingh with golden ornaments and certificate. On Chaitra Krashna 14th 1934 he was honoured with the title of ‘Raibahadur’. He built Ramanujkot on Fateh Sagar.


Mohnot Shri Sardarsinghji

            He was born on Kartik Krashna 14th 1875. In v. 1912 he was appointed Hakim of Jalore and Maharaja presented him a neckless of perl, Kada and Kanthi. In 1920 he was transferred to Nagour. In 1949 when Vijaysinghji expired, he was promoted to the post of Diwan. He was the last Diwan of Jodhpur State.


Mohnot Shri Krashansinghji

            He was born on V.1934 at Pratapgarh. His father was Arjunsinghji. Raibahadur Vijaisinghji adopted him in 1945. In the year 1921 he became personal Assistant of Home member of Jodhpur and then transferred as the Treasurary officer. In 1929 he became honourary Magistrate. His sons were Mehta Govindsinghji and Mehta Gopalsinghji.


Mohnot shri Ummedsinghji – Udaipur

            He was fourth son of Mohnot Suryasinghji of Kishangarh. He arrive Udaipur in V. 1863. He became custom officer there. He was not economically satisfied so he returned back. In 1880 he was again called in addition of the salary an estate and well was given to him. His son was Ragunathsingh.

            Maharana Javansinghji posted him Hakim of Jahajpur. After one and a half year he became incharge of the department of Justice.

Mohnor shri Ragunathsinghji

            He became Hakim of magra, Khervada, etc. He became minister in the Kingship of Maharana Sambhusinghji.


Mohnot Shri Madhosinghji

            He was son of Mehta Ragunathsinghji. He was Hakim of Magra Khervada, Khmnor and Sayara. In V.1931 he was promoted to the post of Commander of the army. He adopted Mehta Balvantsinghji son of Prithvisinghji of Kishangarh.


Mohnot Shri Balvantsinghji

            After his father’s death he became commander of the Army.


Mohnot Raisahib Seth Chandmalji

            He was born in V. 1905. In V. 1921 a title of “Seth” was awarded to him. The British treasuraries of Kohat, Kurram, Malakan, Peshavar, Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Bhagsu, Sagar, Murar, Sambhar, Pachpadra, Didwana were managed by his firms. He had his firms at Bombay, Jabalpur, Narsinghpur, Mirjapur, Dharmshala, Peshavar, Gwalior, Jodhpur, Sagar, Ajmer, Bhelsa, Indore, Janshi, Memin and Ajamgarh.

            He helped the victims of famie in the years V. 1925 and 193. He was the founder and General Secretary of Jain Sthanakvasi Conference. He was the President of first conference held at Morbi. He spent thousands of rupees at the rime of fourth conference of Ajmer. He was Municipal commisner in v. 1868 and Honourary Magistrate 2nd in V.1978. He was invited in the Delhi Darbar of 1877. He donated one crore rupees at the time of war against Kabul in 1878-79.


Mohnot Smt. And Shri Sardarsingh – Ujjain

            His father Shri Saubhagya singh was very dear to the Gwalior his highness. He was a musician. His son Sardarsingh was born in V. 1900. He became a revolutionary freedom fighter. He opened Khadi Bhandar at Ujjain. He also remains the Manager of Keshoram Cotton Mills Calcutta. Then he became General Manager of Vasant Cotton and Silk Mills.

            He was arrested when he was leading labour struggle. He was detained for 4 years when he took active part in the Quit India Movement of 1942. He also edited Oswal Magazine for years.

His wife Smt. Sajjandevi also took active part in freedom struggle and went to Jail for 4 months when she dis-obeyed the Govt. Orders. She was arrested for many times in 1942.


Mohnot Shri Sardarsingh – Calcutta

            He was originally a resident of m.P. but settled in Calcutta. He took part in the Salt agitation of 1931 and was punished by the Britishers. He was detained for 4 years because he took part in the Quit India Movement of 1942. He had edited ‘Oswal’ the main paper of Oswal Maha-Sammelan. He believed in the reforms of the society. His wife Smt. Sajjandevi Mohnot was also played active role in the National Movement.


Mohnot Dr. Shri Surendramal – Jodhpur

            He is of the Pedigree of Mohnot Nensee. He was born on 1-06-1941. He is an environment of International fame. He secured digrees of M.Sc., Ph.D. many national and international students did research work under him. Now he is the Director of Desert Science School. And also Pro. and Chair person of Primate Research centre. He was also the Director of Primate project of India and America.

            Indian Government awarded him the Award of ‘Indra Priya Darshan Vriksha Chitra’ (with a reward of Rs. 1 Lac.) He has written about 150 papers on Science out of them 30 are very famous. Harward University of England and America had published of his four books in 1977. He is a great scientist and Oswals have the proud to have such a great personality in its community.


Mohnot Shri Hastimal – Ahmadnagar

            He is a famous industrial of Ahamadnagar. He was the President of the reception Committee of third All India Mohnot Mahasabha. He was the Promoter and President of Ahmadnagar Merchants Co.Op. Bank Ltd. And Dal-Mandal of Ahamadnagar. In Addition to it, he was the President of Shri VArdhman Sthanakvasi Shravak Sangh Ahmadnagar, Ahmandnagar Merchant Association and Secretary Panjarapole Ahmadnagar.


Mahnot Shri Madanlalji – Ahamadnagar

            He was born on 4-09-1936. He was famous with the name of ‘Madan-Seth’. He had been the Director of Ahmadnagar co.Op.Bank Ltd. For 23 years. He was the President of Sthanakvasi Jain Pathshala for 15 years. He was Vise-president of Cricket Association of Ahmadnagar district. He was made Special Executive Magistrate Railway Board also deputed him the member of Railway consultive Committee. In this way he was connected with so many social and other socities.


Mohnot shri Shashikantji – Ahmadnagar

            He was President of Young Joints Group Ahmadnagar, and City Urban Bank employeed Association. He was Secretary of Jain Youth Sangh Ahmadnagar, and Director of Bhau Sahib Firodia High School Ahmadnagar. S.S. Jain Conference of West Maharashtra, and Truster of Sainath Memorial Medical Foundation Trust.


Mohnot Lakshmichand – Jodhpur

            He is a retired Asst. Registrar of Jodhpur University. He is one of the founders of Jodhpur Mohnot Sabha. He made a film on Nensee named as “Mohnot Nensee ke Itihas ke Jarokhon se” which was exhibited by Door Darshan Delhi a number of times.


Mohnot Shri Lakhpatraj Mehta – Indore

            He was born on 30-12-1929. He is the main resident of Jodhpur. He united Mohnot Bhaipa of Indore.


Mohnot Dr. Smt. Krashna – Jodhpur

            Dr. Krashna Mohnot is M.A., Ph.D. she has retired from the post of Reader of Jainarayan University, Jodhpur. she is connected with many social and religious institutions. She was the President of Female Jain Brigade of Oswal singh Sabha Jodhpur. She is one of the founders of Mohnot Mahasabha. She has been the research and Literary Secretary of Mohnot Mahasabha for the last 5 years. She is the first Oswal lady whose talk on the research of Nensee was broadcasted on Akashvani Jodhpur Kendra. She had also published a book of Lok Geet of Jain marriage and religious functions.


Mohnot Smt. Meena Ji – Ahamadnagar

            She is the Director and Editor of Daily City Times of Ahmadnagar. She is the Director of Ahmadnagar Merchants Co.Op. Bank Ltd.


Mohnot Shri Suresh Motilal- Ahamadnagar

            He was born on 18-08-1944. He is the Chairman of Ahmadnagar Merchant Co.Op. Bank Ltd. And Director of Consumer whole sale and Retail Store Ltd. Mahaveer Vidhya Prasarak Mandal, Jain Vatsalya Sanstha etc.


Mohnot Motimal – Pali

            He was born in Jodhpur on 28-08-1939. He is the founder of Mohnot Sabha of Pali. His son Mahender is the President of Tax Bar Association Pali.


Mohnot Shri. B. Premchand Jain Kolar (Karnatak)

            He had been working member of Congress Committee for last more than 30 years. He is the President of Kannad Sahitya Parishad of Kolar Gold Field.


Mohnot shri Rajesh Punamchand – Raipur (C.G.)

            He was born on 28-04-1963. He was main resident of Mandsore. He was nominated President of Bhartiya Janta Youth Conference of Raipur District in 1990 and then President of BJP Youth Conference of Chhatisgarh.

            He was elected MLA from Raipur Rural Constituency in December 2003 and became State Minister of Chhatisgarh. His main hobby is to support poor and needy persons.


Mohnot Shri Thanchand – Jodhpur

            He was born on 21-06-1908 at Jodhpur. He was of an Ordinary Oswal family. He passed LL.B. from Allahabad University in 1931 and started practice at Jodhpur. He was one of the best advocates of Jodhpur. He established trust in which free medical aid is given to the needy persons still today. There had been many many Doctors. Engineers and B.Ed. teacher with his aid. He remains Chairman of Jodhpur Municipal Board in 1944. He was elected President of Bar Association for 5 times. He was the founder President of Shri Oswal Hitkarni Sabha. He had been President of Shri Vardhman Sthanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh for 17 years. He was President of Shri Chakshu Chikitsa Seva Samiti for 7 years.

            The Chief Minister of Rajasthan Shri Barkatullaha Khan installed his photo in the hall of Bar Association in his life time. It was a great achievement. He was connected and presided many institutions. He was awarded the title of ‘Samaj Ratna’ by the Oswal Samaj on 25-08-1980.


Mohnot shri Pannalalji Motilalji – Panvel

            He started his own business in 1937. He is the founder member of Panvel Taluka Cloth Association. The main aim of this Association was to provide proper cloth at a reasonable price. Now he is the President of Colaba District Cloth Merchant Association. He was impressed with M.K. Gandhi and is wearing Khadi. He was a freedom Fighter. He was issuing bulletins confidencialy. He was honoured with the title of ‘Sangh-Pati’ by Shri Sahaj Muni Ji Maharaj. He established Shri Mahaveer Jain Library and donated 2000 books.


Mohnot shri Premraj Motilal –Panvel

            He was a freedom Fighter. He was arrested while taking active part in the aggititation of 1942 aggitation.


Mohnot Shri Ugamrajji – Jaipur

            He was born on 25-07-1925. His main resident was Jodhpur. He was a revolutionary minded person since his childhood. He took active part in the first Bomb case and was sent to Jodhpur Jail for one and half year. Now he is residing at Jaipur.


Mohnot Shri Mofatrajji – Mumbai

            His main resident is Pipar. He is the Chairman of Kolpatru Group of Mumbai. He is Vice President of Bharat Jain Mahamandal, and Promoter of Mohnot Mahasabha. He is one of the most prominent personalities of Mumbai.


Mohnot shri S. Hastimalji Jain – Sikandarabad

            He is a pure follower of Jainism. He is an active person. He is the founder President of World Human Service Foundation and President of Hyderabad Anand Adhyatmik Sikshan Sangh All India Mohnot Mahasabha. He is the working Presidet of all India Swetamber Sthanakvasi Jain Sammelan of New Delhi. He is the Chairman of Jain Sangh. He is the Founder Trustee of Guru Ganesh Cheritable Trust of Sicandarabad etc.


Mohnot Shri Rishabhrajji – Jodhpur

            He was born on 19-09-1919. He was a freedom fighter since his student life. In 1940 he was sent to Ajmer Jail. After independence he followed Viniya Bhave.


Mohnot Shri Mangalchandji – Jodhpur

He was born on 05-07-1937. He is a famous industrialist of Jodhpur. He is the founder of Jodhpur Industrial Association. He was the President of Rajasthan Steenless Steel Rerollers Association. He is the Petorn of Bhagwan Mahaveer sikshan Sansthan and President of Mohnot Bhaipa Sansthan. He was honoured by the President of India.


Mohnt Shri Kavalmal-Jodhpur

            He was born on 16-11-1929. He is in the lineage of Mohnot Nensee. He was President of Mohnot Bhaipa Sansthan. He had bee trustee of shri Parshvanath Jain Tirth Bherubaug, Jodhpur.


Mohnot shri Narayanchandji – jodhpur

            He is son of Shri Thanchandji Mohnot. He was born on 2-03-1940. He is pattern of Mahaveer International. He was the President of Jodhpur singh Sabha. He is the Chief Trustee of Thanchand Mehta foundation Trust.


Mohnot Shri Dhanraj – Jodhpur

            He is the secretary of Mohonot Bhaipa jodhpur and executive member of Mahasabha. He is related with so many societies of Jodhpur.


Mohnot Dr. Smt. Mahalakshmi Mehta – Udaipur

            She was born on 17-01-199. She passed M.B.B.S. from Udaipur. She was appointed Asstt. Commandent (Medical Officer) of Naga Batalian.


Mohnot Shri Sohanrajji – Delhi

            He is Sahitya Ratna and Ph.D. He is the Executive President of Center for Industrial Economic Research (CREF). He is the honourable member of Inter Regional Network on Privatisetion (UNDP) Newyork. In short he is a famous Economist of India.


Kuldevi of Mohnot

Shree Naagneshi Mata

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Kul Devi:

Shree Naagneshi Mata

Jh ukx.ksfp;k ekrk dks pØs’ojh nsoh Hkh dgk tkrk gSA ;g jkBkSM+ksa dh dqynsoh gksus ls jkBs’ojh nsoh Hkh dgh tkrh gSA if.Mr fo’os’oj ukFk jsÅ vkSj if.Mr jkefd’kksj vklksik ds vuqlkj jkBs’ojh ekrk dk ewy efUnj dUukSt esa FkkA jkBs’ojh ekrk dh ewfrZ dUukSt] ekjokM+ ds jktk jko /kwgM+ ds le; esa ykbZ xbZA ,d jkresa jko /kwgM+ ds LoIu esa nsoh ,d fo’kky ukxjkt ds eqag esa ls vorfjr ds :i esa n’kZu fn;s blfy, ukx.ksfp;k ekrk dgykbZA nsoh ds vkns’kkuqlkj ewfrZ xzke ukxk.kk esa ykbZ xbZ tks tks/kiqj&ckyksrjk ekxZ ij xzke /kok ds lehi gSA ogk¡ eafnj dk fuekZ.k fd;k x;kA bl nsoh ds 18 gkFk gSa ftlds izR;sd gkFk esa gkj] dey] dy’k] pØ] ijlk] f=’kqy] ‘'ka[k] xnk] /kuq"k&ck.k] ?k.Vk] n.M de.My vkfn gSA

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      ‘'kfDr n.M’peZpkia iku ik= de.MywA

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      v{kekyk p dey ck.ksa fla% dqfy’ka xnkA

      pØ ij’kq% f=’kqy ‘''kadks ?k.Vk p ik’kd%AA


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Location of Temple