Nakhat (Mukim)

Nakhat Phoolchandji Mukim – Calcutta

            He arrived at Calcutta at the age 14 years. He was a good Jeweller of Calcutta. Lord rippin appointed him the court Jeweller. He trained many Oswals and made them expert Jeweller. He had no son so he adopted Motichandji Nahta.


Nakhat Motichandji – Calcutta

            He opened ‘Labhchand Motilal Free Jain Literary and Technical School’. According to the desire of his father he built ‘Phoolchand Jain Mukim Dharmshala in shyamabai Lane Calcutta’.


Nakhat Seth Maikaran Magniram Nakhat of Jalna

He was the resident of Kuchera, so they were named Kucheria.


Nakhat Shri Phoolchandji – Calcutta

            The origin of this family was Jaisalmer. He started business of Jewellery at Calcutta. He was deputed Court Jeweller of Lord Rippin in V. 1880.

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