Nanavati Seth Ratilal Manilal

Seth Ratilal Manilal Nanavati is Bissa Oswal. He was the founder of Dr. Balbhai Nanavati Hospital of Bombay. He was born in 1954. He had started oil and chemical industries in Gujrat and Maharashtra at the age of 24 years. Government of India sent him to Russia for purchasing Fertilisers. He had established many industries. Nanavati Hospital was inaugurated by Shri Jawaharlal Nehru in V. 2008. It was the only hospital of Radio co-bollt Therophy in India at that time. He is the person who started Jain Chair in Pune University.

He remained Vice President of All India Jain Swetamber Conference. He was honoured by Ahisma International in v.2040. He died in V. 2041.


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