Nanvana gotra Brahmin Sonpal was the resident of Sirohi. His business was money lending, so he was famous by name Bohara.

One day a cobra bit his son, so his son became unconscious. By chance Acharya Shri Jinvallabh suri was in the city. Acharya cured him by mantra in V. 1164. Sonpal converted him and the family and became Oswals. Acharya named his gotra Nanvana. This gotra has main 4 sub-gotras named Bohara, Navlakha, Fanasla and Palival. Sonpalji had six sons named Sihanji, Jasaji, Ranoji, Bhagaji, Sadaji and Jogaji.

In V.1484 Nanvana Bohra Shridharji arranged a grand Sangh for Shatrunjaya and Sangh garlanded him. From that day on Nanvana Bohra were named as Singhvi.

The family of Sihanji, Jasaji and Ranoji came to Marwar and the rest three brothers settled in Gujrat. Sihanji had five sons named Champsiji, Parasji, Gopinathji, Modhanji and Pachhanji. From these five brothers there had come to be following brances of this gotra.

From the family of Champsiji – Bheevrajot, Dhanrajot, Gadhmalot and Mahdasot brances were formed. The family of these sub-gotras were residing at Jodhpur, Chandaval and Kherva. From the family of Parasji Sukhmalot, Raimalot, ridmalot, Pratapmalot, Joravarmalot, Hindumalot, Moolchandot, Dhanroopmalot and Harchandot branches formed. The family of these sub-gotras reside at Jodhpur, sojat, Nagour, Merta, Pipar, Fen Ladnu, Didwana, Pali, siryari, Chanod and Kalu.

The family of Gopinath was named Bhagmalot and they are residing in Gujrat. Inderrajji and Bhandari Gangaramji, so he was imprisoned them in the fort of Jodhpur.


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