Nanvana (Singhvi)

According to ‘Mahajan Vansh Muktavali’ was a Nanvana Brahmin Sonpal of Sirohi was doing business of Bohara (Finance). A snake bit to the son of Sonpal. Acharya Jinvallabh suri treated him in v.1164. He converted himself into Oswal. He managed a Sangh, so he was named Nanvana-singhvi. This Gotra has four sub-gotras named Navlakha, Nanvana, Farsala and Pallival.


Nanvana singhvi Harit

            He is son of Kamleshkumar and grand son of Commander Shri Indermalji. He was honoured with Gold Maddle from Bhavnagar University. He is the Country Manager of Vega Industries of Vietnam and also looks the work of its Philipines, Thailand, Benkakand, Hongkong branches.


Singhvi Anil C.A. (India), C.P.A. (USA), ICO

            He is the son of Shri Sardarmalji. Now he is in U.A.E.


Singhvi shri Sampatmal

            He has been Serving in Birla Group for last 50 years. He was awarded the titles of ‘Udhyog Ratna Award’ and ‘Excellence Award’ from the Institute of Economic Studies.


Singhvi Shri Jethmalji – Jodhpur

            He was Joravarmalot Nanvana singhvi. He was a very important personality of Jodhpur State. He fought very bravely. Maharaja Vijaysinghji praised his bravery and said Mohammedans attacked Fort and won the battle, is a proof of his loyalty. Jethmalji was Hakim of Bilara. In V. 1817 when Champavat Sabalsingh with 27 Sardard and an army of 400 soldiers revolted, Jethmalji fought very bravely with his bare 40 soldiers. 22 Sardars were killed and his head cut out. Even then he killed many enemy mens. His tomb is built on the tank of Bilara. It is named as ‘Zinjarji ki Chhatri’.


Singhvi Shri Bhinvrajji – Jodhpur

            Maharaja Vijaysinghji appointed him on the post of Commander-in-Chief of the State on Falgun shukla 10 of V.1824. He fought a number of wars. Maharaja was pleased with him and awarded 4 villages in his Jagir. In V.1834 when Marhata army attack Dhundhan (the place where present Jaipur is situated) singhvi Bhivrajis with his army of 15000 soldiers and the army of Jaipur fought bravely and defeated Marhathas. Maharaja of Jaipur praised the bravery of singhvi Bhivrajji and said, “Singhvi Bhivraj and Rathore army kept our amber safe.”


Singhvi Shri Inderrajji – Jodhpur

            He was a very powerful Diwan of Jodhpur state. He was Bhivrajot-singhvi. He remained Diwan of Jodhpur from Asoj Shukla 8th of V. 1864 to Asoj Shukla 8th of V. 1872. He was an intelligent politician and warrior. All the other Rathor samants (nobles) were jealous of Inderrajji, so they poisoned the ears of the Maharaja and Maharaja put Inderrajji in the prison of the fort.

            When this news reached Jaipur then the army of Jaipur entered Jodhpur city. Winning Jodhpur. They looted Jodhpur and captured the ladies of Jodhpur and declared, “Any one who wants his lady back can come, pay two paisa (32% of a rupees) and take her away. ” At this critical time Singhvi Inderrajji requested for his release so that he could take revenge for it. Maharaja released him. He bluffed the Jaipur army and got out of the Jodhpur City.

            He along with Bhandari Gangaramji marched towards Merta. He gave a bribe of one lack of rupees to Pindari leader amirkhan and made him his friend. Then he marched towards Jaipur with Thakur Shivnathsinghji and Amirkhan with his army created during the way. He attacked Jaipur. Maharaja Jaipur sent his army under the command of Rai Shivlalji to fight with the army of Inderrajji. Inderrajji won the army of Jaipur at Fagi near Tonk and looted Jaipur, captured and collected many ladies of Jaipur and put them in a bada (compound) and propogated. “Any body can purchase any lady of Jaipur for 128th of a rupees.” Maharaja of Jaipur sent a message to his army lying out side of Jodhpur with the message; “Inderraj has come, you are selling their ladies in takka (32% of a rupee) but Inderraj has looted Jaipur and is selling our ladies in Chhadam (128th of a rupee)” and ordered them to reach immediately otherwise he would win Jaipur.

            Maharaja Mansinghji of Jodhpur was surprised when he saw that the army of Jaipur was marching towards Jaipur. He came to know every thing and was pleased with the ability of Inderrajji. He wrote a letter to Inderrajji.

The transalation of that letter is as follows :-  “Last night the army of Jaipur marched and their battle front was dispersed. It is a thing of glory. You have done a wonder. How much we can praise? We admit that this state is given to us back by you. We will remain obliged to your family till Rothores regin Marwar. If we ever oppose your family would be betraying our religion.”

            On return from Jaipur he was honoured with the post of Pradhan and Jagir. Singhvi Inderrajji attacked Bikaner. Maharaja Bikaner made treaty with Inderrajji and paid Rupees 4 lacks as a fine.

            Amirkhan made a conspiracy. When Inderrajji was busy at Bikaner. Amirkhan obtained the permission of Jagirs of Parbatsar, Maroth, Didvana and Sambhar in leiu of the services rendered at the time of jaipur attack. In V. 1872 Asoj Shukla 8th Amirkhan came to the fort of Jodhpur with a few Pathan Soldiers to take possession of his Jagir and his balance salary from Singhvi Inderrajji. It is said that Inderrajji demanded the order of Maharaja for perusal. As soon as they gave that order to Inderrajji, he swallowed that order. The Pathans became furious and murdered Inderrajji.

Maharaja Mansinghji felt very sad and honoured him by offering the post of Diwan to his son Fatehraji and a Jagir of 25000/- and also to honour Fatehrajji as a prince. The letter written by Maharaja is as under (in English translation) : “Blessing to Fatehraj in the revenge of the murder of Inderraj, we killed 19 persons by giving them poision. He was the most faithful Diwan that the State has seen.” Pundarik Nag is their Kul-Dave.

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