A family named Phoolchand Hirachand f Kalindri was originally resident of Sidhpur Pattan (Gujrat). From Pattan he went to the State of Nibaj. Younger brother of the King of Sirohi was residing at Nibaj. This family was the sole in charge to manage the State of Nibaj. Later this family left Nibaj and settled alse where so they named Nibajia.


Nibajia Seth Phoolchandji

            Seth Phoolchandji went and settled at Gokak in V. 1933. There he earned a lot of money in cotton business. He remained chairman of Municipality of Gokak. He helped general public of Gokak at the time of famine in V.1956. He organized a grand Sangh for Shatrunjaya in V.1963. On this occasion he was honoured with the title of ‘Sanghvi’ he had a son named Hirachandji.


Nibajia Seth Hirachandji

            He managed a Sangh for Shatrunjaya. He built Dharmshalas. The King of Sirohi honoured him with the title of ‘Seth’ in v. 1988.

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