Ostaval is a sub-gotra of Choradia Gotra. Shri Ostaval was the son of Aaspalji Choradia, the fourth son of King Kharatsingh Rathore.


Ostval Seth Ganeshmalji Saraf – Jodhpur

            He was born in 1881. He joined Regidency Training in 1900. He did service at Dungerpur and Indore and then he became Asst. Superitendent of Customs in Jodhpur state. And Superitendent of Municipality.

            He gave his honorary services for the development of Sardar Hingh School. He raised its funds. He changed the school in new building. He donated his library of more than 2000 books to Sardar High School.


Ostaval Seth Chandanmal Jasraj – Ahmadnagar

            He came from Boravad Ladoli of Marwar and settled in Ahmadabad in V. 1930. The family had a ginning factory. Cotton was his family business.


Ostval Smt. Ratnadevi Gendmal – Rajnandgaon

            She was born on 28-12-1948. She passed B.Sc. (Hon.) LL.B. and Doctorate in Hindi, English and Jainology. She also got Diploma in Equpresser. She is always busy in the social activities. She is not a person in the field of Social service but a society. She was not only honoured in the local field of social service but also honoured at the state, national and even at international level. She is the President of Kastoorba Mahila Mandal. Jain Mahila Mandal, and Samta Manch of Rajnandgaon. She was the Secretary of All India Sadhu Margi Jain Mahila Mandal of many years, now she is the Vice-President, and also connected with number of societies.

            She is a good orater, expert, leader and is expert stage conductor she was honoured with the titles of ‘Mahila Ratna’, ‘Shreshth Swadhyaie’ and ‘Mother Terrisa os Chhatisgarh’ by the societies time to time. She was honoured with the title of ‘Man of Achievement’ in the year 1998.


Ostval Popatlal Bhagehand – Pune

            He was born on 11-05-1953. He is the President of Pune Vyapari Sangatna, Pune Merchant Chember, Anandteerth, Ramgopal Primary School and Jain Samaj Sangh Pune, Maharashtra Chember of Commerce of Mumbai and Laxmi Co-operative bank Pune, and Senior Vice President of Fedderation of Associations of Maharashtra.

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