Parakh (Aadityanag)

Parakh (Aadityanag) is also named as anbing Parakh. Its main gotra is Aadityanag. It is said that there was Pasuji in linage of king Kharatsingh Rathore. He was an expert Jeweller of king Chandrasen of Aahad. King Chandrasen was found of Precious stones.

One day a Shrimal Jeweller came in the court of king Chandrasen and offered to sell a valuable Diamong. All the other jewellers declared that the Diamond was an extra ordinary and most valuable, but when Pasuji tested he declared that it has a great defect. The possessor of this diamond would lose his wife. King called the jeweler and enquired about the fact of the Diamond. He agreed that he had lost his two wives, so he decided to sell the diamong and merry for the third time. King purchased the diamond and paste on the forehead of the Jain Idole. King also honoured Pasuji with the title of ‘Parakh’ and this became his gotra. According to a petrography of V.1549, SAdhu is a sub-gotra of Parakh.



Shri Vijai Rajendra Surishwarji Maharaj

            Shri Rishabhdas Parakh was a famous person of Bharatpur. His wife Smt. Kesharbai gave a birth to a child on 3rd Dec. 1827. His name was Ratnaraj. He lost his mother and father at the early age. He renounced the world at the age of 21. He took Diksha from Acharya Shri Hemvijaiji. He was named Muni Shri Ratna Vijaiji. He was promoted to the post of Acharya on Vaishakh Shukla 5th of V. 1924 and named Shri Vijai Rajendra Suriji Maharaj. He expired on Pos Shukla 7th 1963.


Parakh Shri Harakchand Kesharchand – Pune

            He is the owner of Shri Harakchand Besan Mills, Floor Mill, Gemini Marka Oil Mill and Kumkum Factory. He has been the President of anand Pratisthan since 1994. He raised its capital from 45 lacs to 9 Crores. Its interest Rs. 9.35 lacs are distributed every month to the needy persons of the society. Scholorship is given to 50 students every month. Time to time camps are arranged for the distribution of sewing Machines to the needy ladies of the society.


Parakh Shri Babulal Chhotmal – Amalner

            He was the Mayor of Amalner. He is the President of Sthanakvasi Shravaksangh, amalner and Oswal Jain Sangh and Vice President of Vypar Sangatna.


Parakh Shri Prakash – Shahda

            He is the President of Shri Mahaveer City Co. Op. Bank and Jain Youth Club of Shahda. He is the Director of Sthanakvasi Jain Sangh, Nagri Society, and Jain Rajasthani Oswal Sangh.


Parakh Ajitkumar Pannalal – Amalner

            He is the President of Congress Committee, Amalner and also Mayor of amalner.


Parakh shri Gisulal – Pali – Marwar

            He was born on 29th Feb. 1932. He is the active worker of Pali Seva Dal, Eye Hospital, and Seva Samiti. He is also managing ‘Rameasoda’ in which 225 persons get free meals daily. He is managing 10 schools of the city. He has been Shyam-sevak for the last 55 years. At present he is the Sangh Sanchalak.


Parakh Shri Gyanchand MLA – Pali-Marwar

            He was born on 01-10-1960. He had been commissioner of city Municipal Board from 29-11-1994 to 22-11-1999. He was elected MLA under the banner of BJP from Pali.


Parakh Shri Achaldas – Durg (Chhatisgarh)

            He is son of Shri Ghevarchandji Parakh. He was born on 31-08-1940. He was originally resident of Tivri. He was secretary of ‘Animal welfare Board of Orisa, M.P. and Chhatisgarh, member of Cow and village welfare board of Chhatisgarh Government, Raipur, General Secretary of Shri Krishna Goushala Jeev Raksha Kendra, durg.

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