Patavat (Kothari)

Patavat was origined from nanvana Bohara. Nanvana Bohra Shri Aasdhavalji was enlightened by the Acharya Shri Chandraprabh Suri converted him into Oswal. He was known by his ancestor Pataji, so his gotra was named Patavat. Patavat Kanvarpalji managed a Sangh, so they named Patawat – Singhvi. Patvat Shri Kalyanji was in the generation of Kanvarpalji. He was incharge of Kothar of Ahor, so his family was named Kothari.


Patavari Seth shobhachandji – Bhadra

            He was director of East India Jute Association. He was known to be best dealer of Jute.


            Shri Aasfal ji Dheladiya Bohra settled at Bhiladi near Disha. Acharya Chandra Prabh Suri enlightened him and converted him an Oswal. His Gotra was named Patvat. Patavat Kunwar Palji organized a Sangh and the entire Sangh was awarded the title of singhvi. So his gotra was named ‘Patavat Singhvi’.


Patni Lala Mohanlal – Amritsar

            He was born in 1953. He was advocate of Amritsar. He was member of anandji Kalyanji Pedhi of Punjab. He was President of the association of Atmanand Jain Sabha Punjab, in 1933 and of the Jain Library.

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