Pokarna is a sub-gotra of the gotra Morakh. Rathore Sakat Singh was resident of Harsol (Marwar). Once he went to Pushkar. At Pushkar a widow Maheswari lady and her four sons had also come to Pushkar for a holy bath. A crocodial caught that widow Maheshwari lady so Sakat Singh jumped into Pushkar Lake. The crocodial also caught Sakat Singh, by chance Muni Dev Gani was passing that way. When he saw that scene he uttered Mantras and both were saved. Sakat singh went to Acharya Jin Dutt Suri and accepted Jainism and converted himself into an Oswal. He got enlightenment in Pudhkar so his gotra was named ‘Pokarna’. This gotra is also named ‘Pushkarna’. Kuldevi of this gotra is Nagnechia Mata of Nagana.


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