The original man of this gotra was Seth Hirachand Ratanchand. He was the Ayurved doctor of the royal family of Gujrat, so named Rai-Gadhi. His son Depalji came from Gujrat and settled In Nagour. He was grand son Gehraji was also a famous Vaidhya. He cured the Lodhi emperor of Delhi in V. 1525. The Emperor exempted the Jains from the tax of Shatrunjaya, on his request. In the 10th place in the pedigree was Kesharichandji. He too was a famous Vaidya. Maharaja Bakhatsinghji called him to Jodhpur in V. 1808.

The ancesestors of this gotra were the business person of grocer and Ayurvedic, so they were named ‘Rai-Gandhi’.


Rai-Gandhi Keshrisinghji – Jodhpur

            He was famous Vedhya. In V. 1808 Maharaja Bakhatsinghji called him Jodhpur from Nagour. He became famous ‘Rajya Vaidya’.

Rai-Gandhi Chandmalji – Jodhpur

            He was a famous Vaidhya of Jodhpur. Sanatan Dharmsabha honoured him with the title of ‘Vaidhya Bhushan’.

Rai-Gandhi Dr. Padamchandji – Jodhpur

He was born in V. 1962. He became doctor from Indore in 1929 and became Medical Officer in Jodhpur.

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