It is said that Acharya Shri Jinchandra Suri enlightened Rathi (Maheshwari) of Ratanpur and created a new gotra named ‘Rihad’. It is said that Gotra Rihad is a sub-gotra of the gotra Daga.


Acharya Shri Jinchandra Suri

            There was Rihad Shrivant Shah. His wife was Smt. Shriyadevi. She gave a birth to a child on Chatra Krashna 12 V.1595. His name was ‘sultan Kumar’. In V. 1604 Acharya Shri Jin Manakya Suri arrived with his follows monks in the city. Child Sultan Kumar heared the preachings of the Acharya and desided to renounce the world, and took Diksha. Then he was named Muni Sumatidheer ji Maharaj. He became Acharya on Bhadrva Shukla 9th of V.1612. His was named Shri Jinchandra Suri. He is one of the four Dadaguru of Khartargachh.


Rishabh-Gota Or Randhirot  -Kothari

            It is said that King Pandu Meratia Rathor of Mathura was enlighted by the Acharya Shri Dhaneshwar Suri in V. 1001 in village Nenkheda and converted him Oswal. In Nenkheda he built a Jain temple of Lord Rishabhdave, so his family was named Rishabh – Gota. In the 25th pedigree was Randheerji. Family of Randheerji named Randhirot. When they did service of Kothar incharge then named Randhirot Kothari.


Kothari Shri Mandanji – Udaipur

            In the 13th pedigree of Randheerji was Kothari Cholaji. His son Modhanji came to Udaipur in the dawery of the princess of Kumpaji, when she married with Maharana Udaisinghji in V.1613. In V. 1627 Maharana awarded him the Jagir of Dehalana. But in V.1652 Maharana seized this Jagir. When Maharana Jagatsingh set on the throne he returned him Jagir of Dehlana with the Jagir of Aasaholi. In his 3rd linege were Khemrajji and Hemrajji. Maharana Amarsinghji honoured them and awarded the Elephant and made him personal Assistant. Maharana Sangramsingh 2nd appointed Khemraj on the post of Commander.


Kothari Shri Nathmalji – Masuda

            He when shersinghji Kicked off the minor hair Shri Jaitsingh from Masuda at that time Shri Nathmalji took help of Emperor Farukhshyar and prince Jaitsingh set on the throne of Masuda. His elder son Surajmal died while fighting with Marathas. Younger son Shri Jaikaranji was father of Kothari Bahadurmalji.


Kothari Shri Bahadurmalji – Masuda

            He prepared a document which proved the right of jodhpur on Ider. He was deputed mediator in the dispute of Raipur and Mager. Col. Dikson, Officer of Ajmer-Merwara honoured him and awarded a land of 1000 acker with a tank and well.


Kothari Shri Jalamsinghji

            He was born in V.1929. He passed B.A. in 1900. Then studied law from Allahabad University. He became tuiter f Prince Bhagvendrasingh of Nagoda State. He became Secretary of State Counsil and Custom and Excise Commissioner. He went to jodhpur and became salt and excise superintendent from here he went to Udaipur and became Secretary of Maharaj Sabha. And then posted as Excise Commissioner of Udaipur. In 1927 he retired and took penson from British Government. He became Diwan of Banswara State.


Kothari Shri Nihalchand – Yavatmal

            He arrived Barar in V.1895. He was Subedar. His residence was Amravati.


Kothari Seth Malchandji – Churu

            He was member of Bikaner State Assembly.


Kothari Seth Sardarmalji – Churu

            He was born in V. 1902. He earned a lot and became very rich. In V. 1971 he built a Dharamshala near Churu railway station. He expired in V. 1974. His sons built a school in his memory named Sardar Vidhyalaya in Churu.


Kothari Shri Motilalji – Sikandarabad

            He had 8 cinema halls at Tirmilgiri, Sicendrabad and Hyderabad. He published a daily news paper named ‘Hyderabad buletin’.


Kothari Seth Devichandji – Jaipur

            He arrived Jaipur from Bikaner via Indore in V.1860. He had 54 shops at Jaipur. Malva, Calcutta, Bombay, Kanpur, Farikhabad etc. He died in V. 1882.


A few Chhajeds settled in village Runthia and then settled alse where were named Runthia.


Soda Thakur Vega of village run was the Thakur of his village. He had no son, so he sought the blessings of the Acharys jindutt Suri. By the orders of the Achrya he converted his own caste and became an Oswal Jain. He became father of four sons. His gotra was named ‘Runwal’ in V. 1210. It is also said that ‘Runwal’ is a sub-gotra of ‘Gadvani’.


Runval Seth Chunilalji – Bijapur

            He had been member of Municipality for 16 years. Then he became honorary Magistrate. He was President of Bijapur Merchant Association.

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