It is said that Sahashguna gotra is sub-gitra of Vadera. This gotra was originated in V. 1210. There was a city named Ratanpur near Bhinmal. Here Parmar King Hamir was the ruler. He was enlightened and converted into the Caste Oswal. His gotra was named Sahasguna. When the descendents of this gotra did business of scents, they were named ‘Sahashguna-Gandhi’

Gandhi Lala Motisee             

            Lala Kunjilal Gandhi was the resident of Multan (Pakistan) his son Lal Otisee was Diwan of the State Kalpi. Emperor Lodi was pleased with him, so he honoured him with the title of ‘Diwan’. His son Lala Banarsidas got established in Banaras. He founded a Digamber college I Banaras.

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