Gotra Samar is a sub-gotra of Chattur. It is also said that the origin of this gotra is from Pawar Rajputs. Samarsee who was son of Khemkaran. He was enlightened and he became Oswal. His gotra was named Samar.

Samar Shri Chhogalal – Udaipur

            His grandfather Shri Umedmalji came from Merta and settled in Udaipur. He arranged a Sangh for Sidhachal. A grand Dharmshala, a Boarding House and a Library were established in Udaipur with his efforts. He also had a hand in establishing Vidya Bhavan Udaipur. He was honorary Magistrate and Vice-President of Municipal Board also.


Samar DEvilala – Udaipur

            He was a famous dancer and an expert researcher in folk art. He set up a Puppat Theatre in Udaipur. It was Pioneering work in the field of art that he had undertaken.

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